The Monday pancake post

Today I decided to cook japanese pancakes. I knew about it about month ago when watched an Youtube channel about street food of other countries. But only that episode was about korean cafe with egg souffle pancakes. I think they name something like that. I began to looking for a recipe and found the japanese pancakes. The photo was like korean pancakes from Youtube. To cook these pancakes you need eggs with separately whites and yolks, wheat flour, milk, sugar, baking powder. You'll need to put whites in refrigerator for about 15 minutes, for the best result when you will beat them into foam. Then you'll need to mix milk, yolks and flour with baking powder, beat whites into foam with adding sugar and carefully mix foam and dough together. The dough will become very lush and light. Heat down a pan on low fire and bake the pancakes about 5 minutes on the each side under the cover. The pancakes need to place on a pan like a tower - some tablespoones of dough for one pancake. And be careful when you will flip them. They are very soft. Serve them with any sweet sauce, fruit and sugar powder.