The today project

Today I watched two parts of the movie named “Ted”. It was translated into Russian as “The third is excess”.

This is a story about the teddy bear toy which became alive because the boy who was the bear’s owner wished it on Christmas. The boy have grown and the bear have been living with him. But now they do more adult things together like drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. The first part was about relationship of the man, the bear and the man’s girl and in addition there was a story about a mad man who wanted to kidnap the bear for his son. The second part was the story about the fighting of the bear and his friends for his civilian rights.

We had to make a video for promotion of the two parts together. We decided to create the fun video with the marijuana smoking scenes, but we wanted to change the bongs in the screen with brass and add the brass sounds. We plan to finish this project until the end of the week because there is a lot of designer's work.