Yesterday after the work I came in a local art shop. My wife asks me to buy her some calligraphy nibs. When she will go to the countryside for the summer she wants to try a new hobby - calligraphy. I bought for her the nibs what she wanted, and, in addition, the special black ink and a few sheets of paper for the calligraphy works. And, of course, I hadn't forgotten myself - I bought a couple of bottles of paints for miniature painting and some new kind of brushes to test. I want to try writing with calligraphy nibs as well. I found and downloaded different books about calligraphy art for my wife. Some of them were written in the 18th and the 19th centuries. My wife printed up the special workbooks with the elements of the letters of different fonts. When you start learning calligraphy you firstly draw over outlines to train your hand and then try writing on the specially lined workbook.