High Resolution Melting Analysis Market is anticipated to reach USD 331.63 million by 2023

High-Resolution Melting Analysis Market: High-Resolution Melting Analysis is a technique of molecular biology used for the detection of mutations

High-Resolution Melting Analysis Market Size, Share and Growth

High-Resolution Melting Analysis Market was worth USD 277.88 Million in 2018 and is projected to be growing at a CAGR of 3.6%, to touch USD 331.63 Million by 2023.

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High-Resolution Melting Analysis Market Overview:

High-Resolution Melting Analysis is a technique of molecular biology used for the detection of mutations, polymorphisms and epigenetic differences in double-stranded DNA samples. During the process of High-Resolution Melting, 00the amplified region, termed as amplicon is precisely heated at about 50 ËšC to 95 ËšC. Between this temperatures, the amplicon reaches its melting point and the two strands of DNA are separated or melt apart from each other. The splitting of these strands is noted and compared with that of a normal person. Abnormalities are identified in these DNA strands by this comparison which yields the presence of mutations and other differences.

High-Resolution Melting Analysis Market Drivers and Restraints:

The growth of the Global High Resolution Melting Analysis Market is mainly driven by the benefits that HRM offers over its counterparts like genotyping, which are its higher efficiency, high accuracy, and smaller cycle times. Other driving factors of the market include the rising frequency of infectious diseases and genetic ailments, improving healthcare infrastructure, rising public-private investments in the genomics sector and the upsurge in the count of an elderly populace. Market growth has been compounded by the recent significant developments in next generation sequencing and big data analytics. Low awareness, technological discrepancies and the low penetration of High Resolution Melting Analysis technology are the among the constraints of market growth.