Дневник с Крузенштерна, год 2002-2003. Часть двадцать девятая.

Eerste van Juli 2003, Diensdag (01.07.2003 Tuesday)

00.10 Hoi, my Koshkatje!
I start this new dagboekje (diary) in first minutes of July after helm watch. On this watch Kruzer passed under the famous big bridge between three Denmark islands with sails and without engine. But You already know about it, I sent You sms. I wanted to send You e-mail tomorrow morning with this news, but now I will write something else. Sasha and Victor (sailors from for-mast) came to helm and congratulated me and cadets. We shook hands with each other. And now I will go to have a nice sleep, what You wished me. Bye-Bye!

Tweede van Juli, Woensdag (02.07.2003 Wednesday)

00.09 I just came from watch. Today all day me and Al’gis had arguments with Arunas and Pasha (stupid sailor), because at night before sailing alarm, when watch officer said “Be ready for sailing alarm”, Arunas ran away on deck and Pasha dressed up and didn’t call us. We woke up when avral started. We cleared up that Pasha is real egoist (he said “I’m not indebted to wake you up; I’m not indebted to do something for you etc.”) and so (SO!) simple man. I think he got a new shoes, working uniform and red overalls, bought a handy and become chief sailor and now he reckons himself very important person. One day he drank wine and something else with Arunas and some girls and didn’t throw away bottles, and put it next to my closed. I was waiting three days and than stood it in center of room. I pity his wife so much. If You want I can give You some proofs of it. But is it a matter for our conversation, hoor? No.
New trainees consist of old Germans, who never sow ships. They looks like this. And only two persons speak English. But it is not important. I want to tell You not about it. For them made one cadet’s cabin free, and cadets settled in another cabins (two of them are living in our last room). And Sergey (radiooperator) told me about one more cadet, who is living now with chief officer of practice – cadets call him "forest lake"* (You know why ;-). He made for this cadet the daily routine. It is so funny. “07.00 – Awakening; 07.05 – leaving of cabin; 22.55 arrival at cabin; 23.00 – sleep”. That’s all. And he said “keep it legibly!”
I will clear you theme of my sms, which You couldn’t read. I wrote by Russian words, which You know – «компот, ложка, пельмени, достопримечательности, суббота, КОШКА, МИШКА». I thought You can read Russian on Your handy. Because before it I sent to You sms with “can You read it – Я люблю тебя” and get answer “no I can’t read Ja ljublju tebja”. Well, can You read or not?????
Today every sailor got four bottles of beer from Marqward, I guess. I want to ask him why he chose to give for us beer, and not ice cream? I changed it for chocolate in radio room. Oh, it is so unusual for me ;-)))
I just started to write and already is 01.30. I will go to bed, or else I will not wake up tomorrow. I don’t have enough time for it at the daytime too. When I will sleep eno-o-u-ugh???? "Never!" Who said it? "Life as you are living and didn’t ask stupid questions! Or read this fucking book!!!!" Ok.
But I can’t not say to You about Your call to my watch. It was so crazy. I thought only I can do like this. But You are crazy too. To set alarm clock and wake up just for call! You are my happiness! Did I tell You about it? I want to said to everybody about it, about Your call. But I confided it to Ljonja (my boatsman) and Al’gis.
The end for today.
20.22 I just got Your mailtje, but I need dictionary for exact translation.
Yesterday I fell asleep at 3.00, because I started to eat chocolate and read book and finished it together. But I woke up very easy like I slept so long. Weather is so good today like my mood; I became brown a little bit after launch with Dutch lessons, and before it I painted deep inside of the ship. Music of “I’m Sam” was a sun for me. Sometimes thick fog enveloped a ship and in one of this moment I heard two cannon shots and whistle like from flying missile. And than unknown ship passed next to us in fog, I heard only noise of engine. Pirates …..
After launch I was going to help radio operator with setting big heavy antenna box on the mast, but at first was sailing alarm and than I had excursion in radio room, because Igor was so busy and Sergey not ready. After long time it was a little bit difficult, but trainees were so pleased. And after tea we started operation with setting antenna box (I will show You where is it). I put this box on my back like backpack (it looked like spaceman without space suit, a lot of trainees came to look, and chief mate from flying bridge said: “Why didn’t you take washing machine with you?”) and climbed up on mast. We worked with Sergey and one trainee, who helped us, in during of two hours. Trainee was so wonder of our work and said a lot of times that I’m real specialist, because I did the most dangerous and difficult part of work.
Now I’m tired and want to sleep, but I need to translate Your message. And Sasha called me to play "kniffel", may be I will play one time.
When I sent You sms today, in waiting of answer I did a sport, and You was in sport school too, my sports Koshkatje.

*Начальника практики курсанты прозвали "лесным озером" за причёску - огромная лысина со всех сторон была окружена волосами.

Мишка и Крузенштерн.

Vierde van Juli, Vrijdag (04.07.2003 Friday)

12.33 I didn’t go to play kniffel, I didn’t go to sleep, I translated Your message, looked out for Lev Orlov and told to him about everything. But may be his mood was not good, may be it was unsuitable moment – Lev rejected an offer to play and consented for nothing. I became upset and next four hours have been killing terrorists in computer game. Of course, I slept not enough end next day was as torture for me. I worked as zombie and slept every free time after launch and tea and before dinner. In that time I hated computer. I don’t play in games very often, it was second time in this year, but.... I lost one day in my life.
Also yesterday after dinner we told to play together with Sasha en Algis kniffel. We dressed nice clothes for game, were going to play with pleasure in end of the working day, but sailing alarm changed our planes. We took in the sails and fixed it on Rheas. Next we finished to play and everybody had good luck one time. Than we painted floor in a hold and I reed the book until 1 hour. I don’t know, I can’t go to sleep early.
But today I’m OK.
14.30 Now we are going with pilot, I can see German coast and You called me. Everything is ok, just my nose quarreled with health body and fell sick. This trip was not so long and interesting - I had some arguments with Algis against Arunas and Pasha, worked as usually, and slept not enough. Just with handy I got new feeling that You are always next to me. In case with another sailors and them wives, when they have no contact with beloved people for long time, I can’t understand it now. I can’t imagine that we will have no contact for the short wile. If I don’t know about you something in 1-3 days without reason, I’m starting to be worry about You and my psychological condition. You are half of me or more , I’m not sure. Love united us without clean borders.
Mooring operation is started, I need to go.
22.35 I just finished to read your diary, it is so important for me. I even had feeling, that I’m reading something that is not for reading. But first fast reading is not enough, I will read it again and again, until.... I don’t know until what. I will read it slow, at morning and before sleeping, and will find new and new things for me. I like it in reading. But now I’m so tired to write my impressions, I have so much of it. I will go to sleep. And people in the House will go too, I hope.

Vijfde van Juli, Zaterdag (05.07.2003 Saturday)

08.16 Yesterday when I left radio room, one sailor said that Brigitte was looking for me. I went to Misha’s room and met Brigitte, got some pictures from her for You and me. And she said, that she has drug against cold in my head. She took little bottle like You bought in Kiel, put some drops in cap with hot water and forced me to breath over it. Now I know how strong it is, now I know... After first breath I remember nothing – just blurred faces around me and teardrops from my eyes. I fell asleep at midnight and woke up at 6.00 I think, because my nose didn’t want to sleep. Really, I feel now that my nose is separately of my body. But at night I dreamed about You and me, we made love together outside, in a forest. You see, it is impression from Your diary. Next night I hope to dream about playing with digital camera naked (;-)))) I would like to do it with You, just it can be a little bit difficult for me ‘cause of my brain, but You will help me, hoor!
Lev said yesterday: “I will play not for book, not for something else, but if You will find in Internet some scores (partituren) of German marches for brass band, it would be more better, I will play”. And I did it. Today I will try one more time in Internet.
And today is birthday of my brother Dima. He is 18. I sent to him cables “crew members of legendary beauty sail ship, winner of numerous races .... congratulate You with full age and wish .....” If You want, You can send him via e-mail congratulations, address is in my postbox, “ mail.ru-адреса – Брат”. And I think I will send to Anushka directly recipe of “mannaja Kasha” in Russian, OK?
Say Hallo to everybody – Marlis and Folker, Anne, Inga, Leo and Margriet, Yours colleagues and people from the House.
Tomorrow will be one year of our meeting (I didn’t know exact about Saturday, but now Subbota is good name and with meaning). I believe, in Christmas we already will be together.
I love You and I miss You so much! I got money from Vlad and I will buy cards for my telephone. I will tell You more and more about my Love.
Forever young, forever Yours, Mishkatje
 / ’o’ \
  \ ˘  /

Zevende van Juli, Mondag  (07.07.2003 Monday)

21.38 Koshkatje, my lips are so dry and hot after harmonica. I think I will stop to be in training.
I fill like I don’t have time for many important things. Yesterday was our first anniversary, and I was not ready for it. If would You came to W-haven, I had no idees about celebration. I can reassure myself with assertion, that time together is best celebration and we don’t need something more – everything those is right, but.... I‘m thinking about something else, something more, and if I have it in my mind, it means I must do it. I would like to send postcard to You from W-haven with some words like memory of anniversary, but post was not on my way. I had looks for postcards, but found nothing special. When I told with You by handy from library, one idee came to my head to buy something old especially from W-haven in antic market. But no success with it. No good idees for sure. Only in Sunday, when I left ship for taking pictures of Kruzenshtern and Khersones together, I found this Mishkatje in tent with toys next to ship. And I took some pictures of Him and Kruzenshtern at 6th of July. Mishka is so nice, it is for sure. May be I will get picture first and next You will get Your One Year Mishkatje with pictures. I will think. May be it is good IDEA. Please, tell me what do You think about it. I love You and want to do for You something special always, but sometimes to make my fantasia reality is not possible.
To Sasha I said I was winner in one attraction and got it as prize. He was very jealous and asked me how I did it? and where? and have they more prize like this?, because he will go and undoubtedly win the best one. He reckons himself the best of the best. Sometimes he annoys me a little bit, but I have to forget about it fast.
From today on fore mast started “Week of cultural conversation”. I initiate it three days ago, because I heard a lot of bad words without limits and need, and from me too. Three first month of this year with You I forgot to use it, and I wanted to forget it forever, but on Kruzenshtern it is not possible. And last three days we were so excited about Monday. If somebody used bad words, we told to each other: "On the threshold of The Week of cultural conversation how can he use it? May be he is not ready for The Week?". Tomorrow I will write big poster “For mast team conduct "Week of cultural conversation"! Please, use bad language in another masts.” And today... Do You want to know who was using bad language the most often? Leonid, our boatsman – 4 times! Victor and me – 3 and 2 times, Sasha, Algis and Lev – 0 times. For Osow we stopped to count after 20 times in first 10 minutes. He is using only names of ropes and parts of ship and bad language. “Without it I sound so funny” – he said.
Kruzer left W-haven together with fire-ship Khersones* and sailed together all day. After working day we had to show for cadets how to fix sails to Rheas and it was very beautiful from higher Rheas – two sail ships together. And Helgoland looked so nice from see – red rocks from one side and nice valley from other side.
After launch I reed my Dutch dictionary for remembering words, after tea I wrote two cables for my friends, after dinner was sailing alarm, after sailing alarm I came to radio room, where in two last hours wrote almost one page. I think, it will be the most short part of diary. I will see You after 50-55 hours (now is midnight). 21 hours for sleeping + 16 hours for work + 9 hours for eating (oh my Got! It is not true, it is less, I’m sure) + 0.5 hour for toilette (I satisfied, it is not so much in comparison with time for eating;o) = 4-9 hours for something else – time for alarms. My schedule for next two in a half days.
Trainees today were singing next to fore mast ‘German marine songs’. I think it were some people from chorus or full chorus (10-14 people). It was funny.
Now I will go to sleep, because my head is yawning (I’m in good order, but my head...;-) ILYVM IMY
Good Night, My Beloved Iratje!

*Новые спонсоры Херсонеса перекрасили парусник в красный цвет, поэтому его стали называть пожарником.

Achtste van Juli, Dienstag (08.07.2003 Tuesday)

22.42 Just half hour ago I finished work with painting. “Workinator” inspired in me. And when I came to radio room I got two Your messages. I thought ‘middag’ it’s midday – 12.00. I will send You tomorrow more exact information. And don’t be sad about yesterday. I barely didn’t get answer from You in 15 minutes and tried to call just for testing Your handy, because it is strange for You. Sorry, I didn’t want to make You sad. Will You forgive me? Please>>>
I was busy today with painting and after working time and after dinner. At morning I made poster, You will see it in Delfzijl. Today no bad words from fore mast team. Big progress. And nothing more happened today interesting. Just one day is gone. So fast. Ok, I need to sleep a little bit. Buy-Buy! Ik hou van Jou, Mijn Koshkatje

Вон он, пожарник - Херсонес, на выходе из Кильской бухты.

Вильгельмсхафен, через год после нашей встречи с Ирой.

Мишка и Крузенштерн.

Херсонес и Крузенштерн в Вильгельмсхафене.

Разводной мост разводится и сводится.

Херсонес идет параллельным курсом.

Серега Осов и Самущенков Серега на утреннем собрании палубной команды.

Рыбачок с хвостом из чаек.

Это вымбовки, а служат они для работы с ручным шпилем (на фото чуть ниже).

Они вставляются в пазы в верхней части шпиля и курсанты, налегая на вымбовки, крутят шпиль (на фото чуть ниже).

Вот так (фотография из книги Паруса Крузенштерна).

Окно штурманской рубки.

Вахта "на руле".

Репитер гирокомпаса у штурвала.

Радиооператор, мой друг, с которым я 4 года прожил в одной комнате в курсантском общежитии - Серега Шпиньков.

Миша Привалов. Всегда на связи?

Альгис , матрос фока.

Голландский берег близ Делфзайла - следующего порта захода.