Fusion Beverages Market Analysis and Industry Outlook 2027

The global fusion beverages market is all set to ride high on the back of increased demand from consumers that ask for taste and wholesomeness in their food and beverage options. In addition, the emerging trend of dietary assessment is likely to propel the global fusion beverages market on the path of high growth trajectory.

The global fusion beverages market derives its popularity from the wide varieties of products that it offers. In accordance with the changing taste of consumers and catering to that taste through innovative drinks such as fusion drinks, the market is poised for considerable growth.

Global Fusion Beverages Market: Overview

More and more people are eating and drinking out today. As more people see longer work days, they are less eager to cook at home. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the shift is massive and has a sub-shift within it. The sub-shift is birthed by a need to eat out and still be healthy. It mainly due to high consumer focus on wellness.

Therefore, fusion beverages, that fuse wholesomeness with great taste, will see high growth in demand in the forecast period of 2019-2027. The market would see a notable growth, generating considerable opportunities in the market.

With fusion beverages companies eyeing future gains accruing from the said shift, competition in this beverage market is set to rise.

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Global Fusion Beverages Market: Notable Development

The global fusion beverages market has innovation in new products at the centre of their growth story for obvious reasons. Some of the developments that highlight the focus are outlined below.

2018 – ZICO Beverages came up with COCO-LIXIRS. This was their attempt to make the most of increased in demand for coconut water. This was an organic and cold-pressed drink, that had organic coconut water added to it. It is a textbook instance of product development for adapting to consumers’ ever changing preference.

2019 – Coca Cola identified the trend of demand for multisensory experience. This included millennials asking for a flavours burst from beverages. And, thus the company created ‘Coca Cola Plus Coffee beverage’. The unique, one of a kind, coffee drink had undertones of caramel to give the drink said explosiveness. The launch brings to fore the requirement for brands to be proactive to understand what is asked for and develop products accordingly.

The global fusion beverages market is slightly fragmented and key players in the market landscape include Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Campbell, Danone, etc.

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