March 20, 2020

Chemical Vapor Deposition Market Report | Sales, Size, Share and Forecast 2025

Global Chemical Vapor Deposition Market is demonstrating a fragmented and highly competitive landscape which is only set to be more pronounced with time as more players oin in the market landscape. Even the CVD equipment market is predicted to gain commercial prominence as increase in players mark the forecasted period here as well.

As per the TMR research study, the market is looking at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 7.70%, which translates to market worth of USD 32.4 billion by 2025.

Key players in the market are ULVAC Inc., Singulus Technologies AG, IHI Corp., Veeco Instruments Inc., Mustang Vacuum Systems, Tokyo Electron Ltd., Oxford Instruments, and Dynavac.

The Asia Pacific Region to offer several untapped opportunities

Asia Pacific (APAC) held the largest slice of the market share in 2016, accounting for more than 35% of the global chemical vapor deposition market. It is also likely to rise to a valuation of more than US$12 bn by 2025, registering an impressive 8.10% Compound Annual Growth Rate through the 2017-2025 forecast period. As per TMR, it will also be the fastest growing market.

This outcome can primarily be ascribed to the growth of electronics and semi-conductor industry in particular and increasing industrialization and rise in the number of end-use industry players, such as microelectronics and solar applications and coatings, in general.

There is also another factor that weighs in to growth of the market in this region – constructive regulatory framework. The kind of support developing countries are providing in terms of policy are commendable. India for instance, has its NITI Aayog building the right tracks for encouraging private investment through the Make in India Strategy for Electronic items on the domestic level.

These are creating hotspots for untapped opportunities.

Impact of Microelectronics Industry on Growth

  • Chemical Vapor Deposition is heavily used in the microelectronics industry – for water processing in semi-conductor industry, and for coating applications in the LED manufacturing process. The ever broadening base of applications for CVD is not just in the mentioned area though, it can also be seen in optics, photovoltaic cells, decorative coatings, and displays.
  • The rising demand for technology in microelectronics such as mobiles, laptops, storage devices, and other electronic products which mainly use the process in fabrication and wafer processing are also positively impacting demand
  • The increase in demand for medical devices and equipment and the strict regulations against Cr6 and rise in usage of electronic devices is also contributing to revenues in the Global Chemical Vapor Deposition Market

Concerns plaguing the industry:

  • There is a dearth of skilled operators and the cost of installation is high; a number of companies like VaporTech are developing viable alternatives to the latter
  • The widely used material processing technology, CVD, is a major bone of contention with the environmentalists and even most companies into the production process. The corrosive and toxic gases released during its production are seen as a major environmental and health hazard

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Notable Industry Developments

  • 2018- In the quest of exploring thin films of silicon germanium, U.S. based company, Structured Materials Industries Inc. has developed an optimised design version of its CVD research reactor, NanoV. This, in turn, has opened new gates to research, offering a wide process variability
  • 2018- Another U.S. based company, VaporTech,, designed a coating system by the name of VT-3000i to deposit materials with the use of a plasma-enhanced CVD, also known as physical vapour CVD. The system requires less than 40% floor space than did its predecessor. It is simple to install, operate and maintain. Both the things address challenges faced earlier by businesses