Asia Pacific Metallic Stearates Market 2020-2025

Market Overview:

Metallic stearates are known as salts or soaps produced from the reaction between stearic acid and metal salts. They are compounds with long-chain fatty acids with metals having various valences. Some of the metallic stearates are insoluble in water, but some of the long-chain fatty acids with alkaline metals or ammonia are soluble in water. The major properties provided by metallic stearates are water repellency, gelling capacity, low melting point, and foam inhibition, which make it useful for several applications. The most significant metallic stearates produced include zinc, calcium, and magnesium stearates.

The Asia Pacific metallic stearates market was worth USD 1.06 billion in 2020 and is estimated to rise at a current CAGR of 7.92% during the foreseen period to reach USD 1.56 billion by 2025.

Recent Developments:

PMC Biogenix declares price escalation on metallic stearates. The PMC Biogenix declares that, as an output of quickly rising commodity oils price, costs for all grades of metallic stearates will escalate by USD 0.10/lb.

Market drivers and restraints:

Fast expansion of plastics business along with the rising product demand for refining surface texture of plastic goods are estimated to propel the Asia Pacific metallic stearate market in the forecasted years. Moreover, escalated employment in rubber business as mold release agents is probable to drive the demand for metallic stearates in this region further. On the flip side, the tough government policies and volatility in ra material prices act as limitations to the region market boom.

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Report segmented as:

By form:

  • fine powder
  • coarse powder
  • flakes
  • pastilles & prills
  • granules
  • others

By application:

  • polymers
  • pharmaceutical
  • food & beverages
  • building & construction
  • rubber
  • ceramics
  • textile
  • paper
  • others

Geographical analysis:

The Asia Pacific metallic stearates market can be segregated into regions namely, India, China, Japan, Australia and Korea. China is the biggest market and India is the second biggest market in this area. Asia Pacific with its big industrial production is the largest customer of metallic stearates, status quo is estimated to remain the same throughout the foreseen period as India, Indonesia, China and Malaysia are estimated to drive the local market.

Important market players:

The major players in the Asia Pacific metallic stearates market include Dover Chemical Corporation (US), Baerlocher GmbH (Germany), FACI SPA (Italy), Peter Greven GmbH & Co. KG  (Germany), Valtris Specialty Chemicals (US), Sun Ace Kakoh (Pte.) Ltd (Singapore), Nimbasia (India), Marathwada Chemicals (India), IRRH SPECIALTY CHEMICALS (South Korea), Akrochem Corporation (US), Lumega Industries (India), PMC Biogenix, Inc (US), James M. Brown Ltd (UK), Sinwon Chemical Co., Ltd (South Korea), and PROMAX Industries ApS (Denmark).

The players operating in the metallic stearates market are mainly focusing on agreements and collaborations, along with growing their global footprints by entering the untapped markets.

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