Mushroom Cultivation Market

Global Mushroom Cultivation Market is evaluated to represent an estimation of USD 16.7 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 4.0% from 2020, to arrive at a value of USD 20.4 billion by 2025.

Mushroom cultivation is a specialized procedure. In the vegetable classification, the mushroom is positioned with the heterotrophic life forms. As opposed to green plants, the mushroom isn't equipped for the photosynthesis procedure. In mushroom cultivation, waste items, which incorporate horse compost, poultry excrement, straw, gypsum, and wastewater, are utilized to develop top-notch mushrooms. Ammonia is expelled with the assistance of alkali washer from the procedure air. Ammonia from the air is additionally utilized as a wellspring of nitrogen in treating the soil. The organism, for example, mycelium, utilizes the manure as a wellspring of vitality for its burning, where vitality is discharged that is utilized for mushroom cultivation.

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Market Trends

The higher per capita mushroom cultivation and reception of current mushroom cultivation strategies in the Asia Pacific area is anticipated to drive the development of the global mushroom cultivation market

As indicated by the China Business Research Institute, the nation was the biggest edible mushroom producer at a worldwide level and arrived at an expected yearly yield of 38.42 million tons in 2017. This represented about 75% of the all-out worldwide yield. Moreover, the CCCFA Edible Mushroom Branch (2018) expressed that the fare of palatable mushrooms was esteemed at USD 3.8 billion around the same time. As per an examination paper, mushroom cultivation is the fifth-biggest agrarian division in the nation, esteemed at USD 24.0 billion. The Asia Pacific is the main locale in the worldwide mushroom cultivation market. The per capita utilization in China, the biggest maker of mushrooms in the world, is higher than some other nation. The utilization of mushrooms in Asian nations, for example, Japan, India, and others are expanding at a critical rate certify by expanding cultivation. Expanding veggie-lover populace and moving patterns toward nourishment rich food has prompted the market development of mushrooms in Asian nations.

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Market Dynamics

The mushroom cultivation market has seen noteworthy development inferable from variables, for example, numerous medical advantages of mushrooms and expanding per capita mushroom utilization. Financially savvy creation and rising interest for vegetarian and regular food in the eating regimen factors help support the development of the mushroom cultivation market. Expanding wellbeing cognizant populace over the globe further impels the interest for mushroom cultivation comprehensively.

According to Food Association Organization, the worldwide region collected for Mushrooms and Truffles expanded from 39 thousand hectares in 2016 to 48 thousand hectares in 2017 and further to 67 thousand of every 2018.


The worldwide mushroom cultivation market is anticipated to observe noteworthy development because of elements, such as the various medical advantages of mushrooms, expanding per capita mushroom utilization, savvy creation and rising interest for veggie lover and common food in the eating regimen and expanding wellbeing cognizant populace over the globe are a portion of the main considerations powering the interest for mushroom cultivation. In addition, the multi-functionality of mushrooms and cost-effectiveness related to this cultivation also favors the business expansion.


Be that as it may, variance in the creation of mushrooms is anticipated to hamper the general development of the global mushroom cultivation market. Also, spawn production in developing countries will also limit the development in this business to some extent. Furthermore, the absence of a talented workforce obstructs the development of the global mushroom cultivation market over the estimated time of 2020-2025.


In addition, the pattern of expansion of mushrooms in different multi-cooking dishes helps the market development. Also, mushroom cultivation can decrease danger of maladies, for example, prostate malignant growth and breast cancer. This expansion in utilization attributable to the medical advantages has prompted the expansion underway and cultivation of mushrooms. Moreover, monetary viability of mushroom cultivation and trade by developing countries creates lucrative business opportunities.


The absence of improvised mushroom farm management practices is considered as a serious threat to this market.

Market Segmentation

By type:

  • Button mushroom
  • Oyster mushroom
  • Shiitake mushroom

Of these, the button mushroom segment represented the biggest piece of the overall industry in 2019. The button mushroom is a broadly devoured mushroom type over the world and can possibly offer numerous medical advantages. This type is industrially developed in practically all the significant mushroom delivering nations, for example, China, Japan, the US, the UK, Germany, and Poland. Expanded R&D on the white mushroom to locate the possibility to forestall disease, alongside its accessibility at moderate costs when contrasted with unique mushroom assortments, is anticipated to raise the interest for button mushrooms during the conjecture time frame. It contributes over 40% of worldwide production.

Regional Analysis

Geographically, the worldwide Mushroom Cultivation market is spread across the regions of Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America and Middle East and Africa. Asia-Pacific is the main locale over the world as far as a part of the overall revenue, which is inferable from the most substantial production of the mushrooms in the region. However, Asia-Pacific is likewise foreseen to show most elevated development rate over the estimated time frame 2020-2025. Factors, such as low work costs, rising utilization in the area would make worthwhile development possibilities for the mushroom cultivation market across Asia-Pacific areas.

Key Players

Key players in this market incorporate Monaghan Mushrooms (Ireland), Walsh Mushrooms Group (Ireland), Mycelia (Belgium), South Mill Mushrooms Sales (US), Smithy Mushrooms Ltd. (UK), Rheinische Pilz Zentrale GmbH (Germany), Italian Mushroom SAS (Italy), Hirano Mushroom LLC (Kosovo), and Fujishin Co. Ltd. (Japan). These significant players in this market are concentrating on expanding their essence through mergers and acquisitions, new item launches and understandings. These organizations have a solid nearness in the Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. They additionally have substrate producing offices and solid distribution organizes over these locales.