September 25, 2019

Antiseptic Bathing Market : Overview with Detailed Analysis, Competitive landscape Forecast to 2026

Growing distress with the exponential rise in the cases of Surgical-site infections (SSI) has been hard-pressing the healthcare authorities to undertake effective measures towards especially in resource-limited settings of the developing economies. As a result, antiseptic bathing products are significantly gaining traction for skin cleansing prior to any surgery. According to a report published by Fact.MR, SSI accounts for more than US$ 3 Bn worth of healthcare cost annually in the U.S., thereby, creating an acute demand for antiseptic bathing among the healthcare organizations.

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There has been a momentous increase in healthcare expenditures, which can be largely attributed to the prolonged stays of patients in hospitals, recurrent surgeries, and readmissions. This has led to a notable rise in the demand for preoperative skin cleansing practices, which in turn, has favored the growth of the antiseptic bathing market. A host of these factors are anticipated to strengthen the size of the antiseptic bathing market by surpassing the value of US$ 549.3 Mn by the end of 2026.

Antiseptic Bathing Market to Witness a Boom on Account of the Growing Geriatric Population

With the rise in the number of geriatric population, a proportional increase in diseases such as Cardiovascular, Osteoporosis, Dementia, Diabetes, and Cancer is witnessed globally. This has increased the cases of admissions in hospitals and clinics for a lengthy duration, which has been a robust growth driver for the expansion of the antiseptic bathing market, resulting from the preoperative skin cleansing practices. As a subsequence, the global antiseptic bathing market is poised to record a striking CAGR of 2.9% through 2026.

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Sheer Change in the Regulation for Preoperative Skin Cleansing to Restrain the Antiseptic Bathing Market Growth

A shift in the recommendation of preoperative skin cleansing with soap and water or antiseptic, instead of antiseptic bathing products has been witnessed in the developed countries. In addition to this, the number of skin cleansing bath with CHG has been reduced to one from two. Drastically changing regulations and recommendations for the usage of CHG is envisaged to be a barrier to the growth of the antiseptic bathing market.

With the recommendation of World Health Organization (WHO) to adopt skin cleansing practice for patients with either antimicrobial or plain soap, antiseptic bathing products like CHG wipes fails to hold a prominent position in the practice, owing to the lack of evidence for their effectiveness. With lack of any substantial difference between antiseptic bathing products and plain soap prior to the surgery, the health organizations held back from endorsing the former. As a result, the antiseptic bathing products with no significant results are predicted to restrict the growth of the global antiseptic bathing market.

Global Antiseptic Bathing Market to Flourish on the Back of Fierce Competition Prevailing Among the Local APAC Players

The report comprise of a dashboard that analyzes the significant players of the global antiseptic bathing market which includes Ecolab Inc., Becton, Reyanard Health Supplies, 3M Co., Dickinson and company, Clorox Company, Medline Industries, Air Liquide (Schulke Australia Pyt. Ltd.), Stryker Corporation, Molnlycke Health Care AB, HiCare Health, Reckitt Benckiser Nigeria, P&G, Deko Industries Limited, and Tropical Naturals Limited, among others.

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The global antiseptic bathing market remains a segmented market, owing to the presence of a large number of domestic players in the APAC geography. The leading companies of the antiseptic bathing market are involved in concentrating their efforts for the expansion of their antiseptic bathing business in the emerging geographies. Numerous big companies of the antiseptic bathing market have been doing so by entering into strategic merger and acquisition. The local players of the APAC geographies have been involved in the fierce competition and increasing pricing pressure, which is yet another boost to the global antiseptic bathing market.

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