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Guayusa is adopted by many health food stores, attributed to the myriads of benefits concealed within the plant. On consumption, Guayusa aids digestion process, cleanses teeth, controls vascular diseases, boosts immunity system, enhances physical energy, and relaxes the mind. It is naturally caffeinated and boosts energy akin to the consumption of coffee and tea. Guayusa provides stable energy without any jitters on consumption, unlike energy drinks or coffee. As a result, it is becoming increasingly popular as tea and energy drinks.

With the rising health concerns, consumers incline towards a healthier alternative, which in turn, is expected to shift their preference to Guayusa tea instead of Yerba mate tea. This shift in the preference of the consumers is anticipated to drive the growth of the global Guayusa market.

With the increase in the recognition of the benefits offered by the Guayusa plant, the manufacturers are engaged in developing ways to diversify their product portfolio. As a result, new product launches by the international and domestic players are expected to underpin the growth of the global Guayusa market.

Guayusa Market – Novel Developments

There are several evolving as well as leading players operating in the global Guayusa market with a view to sustaining their positions. The leading players include RUNA, Dohler, Applied Food Sciences, BI Nutraceuticals, Waykana Tea Company, Wayusa, and Stash Tea Company, among others. Below are some of the notable developments by the Guayusa market players.

  • BFT, a UK-based beverage firm, recently launched a variety of energy tea extracts from Guayusa leaves, which is considered to have double the amount of antioxidants as compared to the green tea. This drink has been launched by targeting health-conscious consumers.
  • Dohler launched an innovative RTD beverage with Guayusa as a chief ingredient, in order to add the caffeine content in the tea. The company has also been offering a blend of exotic fruit flavors with Guayusa tea extracts under clean label options.

Guayusa Market – Dynamics

Rising Eco-responsibility to Nurture the Growth of the Global Guayusa Market

With the increasing trends of urbanization, there is a significant increase in deforestation. However, Guayusa is said to conserve the rainforest. These plants are generally found in the Amazon Rainforest and they grow organically under the shade, away from the intense heat of the sun. Moreover, it can be grown with other medicinal plants, timber, fruits, and vegetables, thereby boosting the chances of its cultivation. As a result, the growth prospects of the global Guayusa market are envisaged to be strong in the forthcoming years.

Ease of Distribution to Remain a Robust Growth Driver for the Global Guayusa Market

Expansion of retail sectors in parallel to the establishments of specialty stores, hypermarkets, and supermarkets is witnessed, which provides the ease of access to a wide range of Guayusa products. Consumers that once preferred local stores have now shifted their shopping trends to hypermarkets and supermarkets, thereby fortifying the growth of the retail stores. In addition to the brick and mortar stores, the growth of ecommerce has unlocked new avenues for domestic and remote vendors to shelf their products online and boost their sales chances. As a result, the global Guayusa market is anticipated to grow at a promising rate.

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Guayusa Market – Restraint

Excessive Consumption of Guayusa Leading to Several Side-effects could Act as a Barrier to the Growth of the Global Market

Excess intake of beverages containing Guayusa poses various health threats to the human body such as irritability, exacerbate depression, and insomnia, among others. With the rising health consciousness among the consumers, products with severe side-effects are avoided and healthy substitutes are looked for. As a result of which these side-effects could limit the growth of the global Guayusa market.