Citrus Water Phase Market – Vendors, Driving Factors, Geographical Regions, Type and Application

Market Outlook

There is a loss of various aromatic compounds in evaporation during the concentration process in the production of various fruit juices. The restoration of these aroma losses or deterioration is processed by the water phase. Various citrus fruits such as orange, lime are used for the preparation of concentrated juices and essential oils. During the production of these juices and oils, the vapors of juice and concentrate obtained by thermal means are later condensed and used for manufacturing of citrus water phase. The citrus water phase is used for providing additional flavors to various food and beverages such as ice cream, sundaes, smoothies and other. The citrus water phase is also used for the preparation of various scents. The citrus water phase market is still in an introductory phase and is expected to grow over the forecast period.

Adding Flavors and Aroma to Various Culinary and Scents

Fragrance assessment is an important quality and authenticity in food products. The citrus water phase is used to add flavors and also is useful as an additive. As a flavor, the citrus water phase is expected to be used for candy preparation. The consumption of juice and smoothies has exploded in past few years with a variety of flavor innovation in citrus fruits. Citrus water phase provides aromatic tang flavor to various preparations of soups, stews and other liquid cooking. Manufacturing of oils infused with citrus flavors is growing for its use in preparation of various culinary. It is also used in the preparation of syrups which is drizzle or infused in cakes, cookies, cocktails, lemonades, soda and others. The citrus water phase is expected to increase its use in the fragrance industry for its application in the preparation of perfumes and home scents.

Citrus Water Phase Market: Key Players

The key players operating in citrus water phase market are Citrus processing India Pvt Ltd., Prodalim BV, Ventos S.A., Del oro Inc., Citrosuco S.A. and Citrofrut S.A. The citrus water phase market is at an introductory phase therefore more regional players are expected to enter in the market and resulting in expansion of citrus water phase market over the forecast period.

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Citrus Water Phase Market Opportunities

The manufacturers of juice and concentrated extracts are expected to enter the citrus water phase market as this is a by-product obtained during manufacturing. The manufacturers of citrus water phase are expected to come up with an organic citrus water phase which is expected to raise demand as there is an increase in demand for organic products. Different methodology or technology are expected to be developed for extraction of esters and other volatile compounds for its application in the fragrance industry. The manufacturers of personal care products and cosmetic industry are considered to explore the use of citrus water phase in the manufacturing of various creams, lotions, face-wash, body-wash, lip balm and others.

Citrus Water Phase Market: Regional Outlook

The manufacturers of citrus products in North America and Europe regions are manufacturing citrus water phase. Africa and South Asia regions are high in the production of citrus fruits, the manufacturers are deliberately expanding their products portfolio in a production of various citrus fruits products in order to enhance its market presence and so are expected to enter the market of the citrus water phase. The easy availability of the resource in these regions is expected to grow the market for the citrus water phase.