PMP or Project Management Professional is a type of certification course for project managers. It is a globally-recognized industry credential that is very important for project managers. It is a dream for almost every project manager out there to obtain this. They want to get access to top multi-national companies and organizations. They want to work for some of the biggest organizations as a project manager. They want to handle some real and quality projects and to do all of these, they have to strive for PMP certification.

The PMP certification demonstrates almost every quality needed for a well-skilled and qualified project manager. It judges every aspect required as a perfect project manager. The aspects that are demonstrated in PMP certification are education, skill, competency, and most importantly, experience. The Project Management Institute in the USA administers the PMP certification and almost every project manager has sought out that certification afterwards to reach their goal.

There are many projects led by the PMPs in almost every country. This certification is different from any other certification. It generally focuses on the specific type of domain and any particular geography to serve the purpose. The PMP certification is a truly global certification that demonstrates quality in project managers. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of project management professionals and further see what is needed to be a PMP certified project manager.


Project Management Professionals are always considered imperative in almost every industry. The demand is very high for these professionals as it varies according to many particular geographies. A survey was carried out in 2014 by the Project Management Institute that shows the opportunities are higher for the practitioners aiming for project management and it is increasing at a higher speed. Companies tend to choose to recruit these practitioners from different cultural backgrounds. A company needs to recruit people from various backgrounds that have the standardized skillset needed for project management in a specific domain.


The PMP Certification is very helpful in providing some significant advantages to the project managers. There is the potential for earning some great salary increases after getting the PMP certification. People having the PMP certification will be able to get an almost 20 percent higher salary in comparison to those who don’t have the proper PMP certification. It is also greatly beneficial for employers to recruit higher project professionals. 

The requirements that are to be met by the project managers are:

  • They have to perform the duties under some specific supervision, and they are completely responsible for almost every aspect of a project and its life.
  • They have to directly deal with leading the cross-functional teams for delivering the projects with quality within the specified time by checking the budget, available resources, and schedule. 
  • They must demonstrate sufficient knowledge in leading projects. They must appropriately demonstrate the experience by applying the specific methodology to the projects.

ExcelR PMP Certification in Abu Dhabi

If you are a student and you want to opt for project management for future job opportunities, then you should take the PMP certification for better knowledge and to gain enormous opportunities in this field.