We have frequently heard about data science technology. How data science technology is overtaking all the other traditional technologies of the industry. After data science technology, digital marketing is becoming the new choice for people and businesses alike.  Data science technology and digital marketing are two technologies used for different purposes. Data science is technology which gathers and analyzes the data of the user. This technology is especially known for this purpose. Digital marketing is also a technology, but it is the technology which gives the output of information received from data science to the user directly. Digital marketing is used for selling and promoting products with the help of the digital machines or devices. The best example of such technology is online shopping websites. Data science, technology is a technology which is included within other technologies. The implementation of data science technology completes the execution of other technologies. Data science and Digital marketing are both technologies that are booming in growth in the technical industry.

Right now, digital marketing is the most powerful form marketing. This technology is beneficial for the marketing sector. Further on, we will discuss how digital marketing has affected the economy of our country and the current scenarios of digital marketing in the current business market.


We have discussed above the difference between data science technology and digital marketing. Here, we will discuss how digital marketing is impacting the traditional markets of the country. Digital marketing is prized by the people of the today’s generation. Digital marketing is preferred over the traditional ways of the marketing. This is because digital marketing saves people time. The second reason is that the products which are sold online are cheaper than the same items found in a physical market. Many customers or users are more attracted to the products which are less costly and so will easily change their patterns to make more of their purchases online rather that in person.

The products which are sold online have cheaper rates than in the physical stores, though the quality of the product is the same. Also, online shopping can easily be done while sitting comfortably in the home or at the park or with a friend at a coffee shop. The customer can view a wide array of products in comfort without having to deal with transportation to the physical store. This reduces sales for the shopkeeper who sell his/her products in a market because people prefer to make their purchases online, using digital marketing. AN interesting occurrence is that, as a result of these lower sales at physical shops, these shopkeepers have also started  creating online stores to see their goods online as well as in store using digital marketing.


Just like every technology, there are specific ways that digital marketing can be implemented effectually. Some of these techniques or methods are:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Smartphone Marketing and many more......


We have discussed the differences between data science technology and digital marketing, the effects of digital marketing and the methods of digital marketing. For more information, click here--> Digital marketing course in Bangalore.