Esports Market : Future Growth In Sports!

Esports is a sports competition using video games. Esports often take the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions. YouTube and Twitch have become central to driving the Esports market. The increasing popularity of video games across the globe and growing awareness about Esports are the significant factors that are driving the growth of the Esports market. Younger generations are highly connected to the internet and technology. This has paved the way for online gaming activities, which also propel the growth of the Esports market. Peoples are now taking a huge interest in Esports and investing their money and time in it. Moreover, growing awareness about Esports and peer-to-peer sharing has also accelerated the growth of the Esports market.

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Esports has the potential to be a more powerful branding medium than traditional sports because of the interactivity of streaming, hence, boosting the demand for the Esports market. Advancements in gaming technologies, increase in awareness about Esports due to attention given by worldwide publishers, investors, and broadcasters, which also fuels the growth of the Esports market. Nowadays, video games are preferred as compared to other sport and outdoor activities. Additionally, a growing number of events with large prize pools is a new trend seen in the Esports market that is further fueling the growth of the Esports market. An increase in the number of Esports enthusiast has foreseen during the last three years and is expected to increase in the upcoming year that drives the growth of the Esports market.

Top Key Companies:

  • Activision Blizzard
  • CJ Corporation
  • Electronic Arts
  • Faceit
  • Gfinity
  • Modern Times Group MTG AB
  • Namko Ltd.
  • Nintendo
  • Turner Broadcasting System
  • Valve Corporation