Starchy Roots Market will Expecting Worldwide Growth by 2028

Clean Label Food Products gain Dominance in Global Starchy Roots Market

Many sub-topical areas along with tropical regions prefer starchy roots as their staple food. Sweet potato, yam and potato are some of the commonly used starchy roots whose adoption rate is increasing. Different consumption trends are followed in different countries to gain from the energy supply of the starchy roots. Fact.MR report holds these trends responsible for the moderate growth of starchy roots market. Food and Agricultural Organization ranks Asia at the top in starchy roots production. Other prominent producer regions are Africa, North America and Europe. Food and Agricultural Organization has released the data which states that Asia accounts for 43% of global production of tubers and roots and African countries for 33%. Starchy roots have extensive applications in food industry along with non-food industry which drives the global starchy roots market. The global market faces the major challenge in innovations front.

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Anti-oxidative property highly demanded

Latest Fact.MR study estimates that by the end of year 2028, 1,088,690,000 tons of the volume of starchy roots will be sold across the globe. Different bioactive components like phytic acids, bioactive proteins, phenolic compounds, glycoalkaloids and saponins further propel starchy roots consumption. Starchy roots are known to offer various health benefits with its anti-oxidative property. Asian countries also drive the starchy roots market by consuming them in preparing medicines.

Plant-based diet has gained traction in recent times and many fresh food brands have launched products that contain it. Demographic shift is observed from packaged food to fresh food owing to the growth in health awareness. Supply chains that connect consumers directly to farms have been emerging and are paving the growth trajectory of starchy roots market. Such supply chains act in favor of farmers and generate lucrative opportunities for their growth.

New recipes introduced in market

Clean labels on food products are gaining popularity and encourage the adoption of starchy roots like cassava. These roots are demanded by customers as they are healthy, safe and natural. Clean label and great taste form a very desirable food combination. Manufactures are employing novel manufacturing processes to go with the trend of clean label food. Innovative solutions for packaging are also used to gain competitive edge. Major stake holders are introducing new starchy roots recipes with unique flavors. Starchy root snacks are also introduced as an effective competitive component.

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Different positive attributes like rich carbohydrate content is expected to drive the growth of starchy roots market. These roots are very economical and are eyed as great source of energy. Starchy roots a rich in moisture content which makes them less energy efficient than food items like rice and wheat. These roots are also used in nutritional supplements for infants and food products that are created for babies. Starchy roots including cassava are presumed as organic starch that is free from gluten. This property makes it an active ingredient in many functional foods along with baby food. Many factors like increase in number of working women and high demand for infant nutritional supplements are anticipated to expand the global starchy roots market

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