👀 Read and repeat each step carefully:

❗️Step 1. Register on the casino website (Skip this if you already have account created using this link):

(You should have only 1 account, don’t create fake ones) 👉


👆🏼Do your full registration (you need to add your phone number, mail, and birthday date) your data not gonna leak anywhere. Casino need that information to understand that you’re not a bot, but real human being.

❗️Step 2. After registration, you make a deposit 625 Rupees.

If you depositing from PayTm care! You need to use only PayTm Wallet to PayTm wallet transfer. Unfortunately, if you transfer from PayTm Bank to their number (which is PayTm Wallet) they’re dont count it.

❗️Step 3. Find a roulette game called:

🎰 European Roulette

🔘 Important! If you can’t find a game, there is «search» through which you can find any game.

❗️Step 4. You need to repeat the same algorithm:

Bet 100 rs on number 21

Bet 100 rs on number 25

Bet 100 rs on number 3

Bet 100 rs on number 11

Bet 100 rs on number 1

❗️Step 5. That’s all. If you did everything right, then 5,000 Rupees in your hands 🥳 Be sure to send me 20% of your winnings, after withdrawing money. That’s why im showing you this algorithm. It’s a good deal.

🔘 Important. For all questions, contact me

🔝 You can also leave your review by sending a photo of your winnings or purchase with this money.