One for the Bitcoin, Two for the Code, Three to get ready! Go Chain Go!

That's how I felt in july 2017 when Bitcoin was put on the Market and within a week it flew from $500-$19000! Companies began talking, investing, and trading!

My Left hand began itching bad all over my palm! I knew this was gonna be BIG! The Beginning of a New Era! Things, Life; The World would never be the Same again!

So I began learning and exploring the internet on Bitcoin, Etheruem, Litecoin, and Ripple. Every Crypto- Anything to do with it! I got on my phone, online on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Youtube,Medium, Bitcoin News, Binance, Bittrex, Blockchain, Cryptopia, Coinbase Exchanges!

I learned alot and I'm still learning. I started Mining more and more! And so did everyone else! Playing Bitcoin Games and earning Satoshi's, Ethers, and coins!

I read and read The, "How too's", and The "I knows" on Youtube. I listened for Cryptowords to slide out of Peoples mouths like a tiger listening to hear it's prey. SHHH!

I told my Fiance "Dawn", "We're Gonna Be Rich Soon!" Well We aren't Rich yet materially, but I have a Wealth of Knowledge because of it!

Then right as that was happening the ICO's Started more and more. "Altcoins" became the New Word of the day! The CRYPTOWORLD BEGAN ITS AWAKENING! Like God making the Dead Walk on T.V.

Ah and don't forget all the API's, Bounty's, Airdrops, and Giveaways! The News, Blogs, Forums, Groups! All of it because some Men and Women who Believe they can Eat they're Coin, and Give it away too!

August 7, 2018
by Randy Bolduc
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