Waterproof LED Module Market - Industrial Segment Increasing Demands

Waterproof LED module applicable in an event of fully submerge of LED module in water. The enclosure of waterproof LED module protect it from foreign bodies, may include solid bodies and moving parts, such as debris, dust, and other solid matter, as well as it protect from liquid and moisture. The waterproof LED modules protection level is defined by sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies.

To define protection level of waterproof LED module, two digit IP (Ingress Protection) rating number is used, where first digit indicate protection from solids and second digit indicate protection from liquid and moisture. IP 68 rating is suitable for protection against prolonged submersion of LED module in water, rating below this such as IP 67 is suitable for protected against the events of temporary submersion for around 10 minutes. These high rating waterproof LED modules are suitable for unsealed outdoor location and  places that have a lot of debris, areas with heavy foot traffic,  high splash areas, high contact areas  where people touching LED modules, wet location or any applications that requires strength and waterproofing. Furthermore, waterproof LED module’s properties of protection from liquid allowed its application for awning, pool, deck, RV, boat, docks, or anything of that nature, as well as these are also applicable for fishing lighting, automotive, lighting of water fountain and awning of RV.

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The global waterproof LED module market is primarily driven by the increasing demand of waterproof LED module from industrial segment for various applications that requires strength and waterproofing. Furthermore, waterproof LED module’s demand for application of unsealed outdoor location of architect segment is expected to grow during forecast period, further anticipated to contribute to the growth of global waterproof LED module market.

The usage underwater lighting engineering for decoration of fish tank, aquarium, and fountain is increasing and consequently, expected to boost demand of waterproof LED module during forecast period. The interior and display design application for decoration of billboard, home, hotel, KTV, bar, disco, club, and outdoor illuminated signs are becoming popular, further expected to owes to growth of the global waterproof LED module market during forecast period.