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The Cash logistics service denotes to the physical shipment as well as handling of cash from one location to another. It comprises of services such as cash-in-transit, cash management, and ATM replacement. Physical movement of cash from one location to another is involved in the cash-in-transit services. The Cash management consists of services such as packaging, sorting, checking quality of bills, and several others. The implementation of the cash logistics services decreases the operating cost, delivers the efficient project management, dependable infrastructure, and numerous others.

The enormous growth in ATMs worldwide, expressly in developed regions to bring more people under the banking system has been the foremost growth drivers. The growth in retail end user sector has been influenced by the requirement for the cash automation services. This has forced cash logistics corporates to shift away from traditional cash services to smart cash devices to automate retail front and back end cash functions.

Not only has this, the aspects such as growth in movement of cash, effective augment in demand for safe and vault for cash management, and increment in the deployment of ATMs, fuel the growth of the market. However, increment in cash-in-transit vehicle robberies and augment in the acceptance of digital money are predicted to hamper the growth of the market. Furthermore, the introduction of the fully automated cash-in-transit vehicle and increase in cash requirement from the emerging regions create lucrative opportunities for the players functioning in the cash logistics market.

Nonetheless, based on the services, the global market of the cash logistics is sectored into cash-in-transit, cash replenishment, retail cash management and other cash management services. Whereas, the Cash in Transit service sector has conventionally been a cash cow for cash logistics corporates are circulation of cash has been progressively increasing. The growth in the number of ATMs has underwritten to the growth in the Cash Replenishment Service, which also accompaniments the growth in Cash in Transit Services. The effective augment of the digital payments in recent years has diminished the profitability from these services owing to increasing costs linked with handling of cash. Moreover, the potential corporates have invested in new technology based products and services that have given increase to Smart Cash machines that automate the cash cycle and approve the usage of digital technology.

According to the research, it is predicted that the competition in the worldwide cash logistics market was effectively witnessed to be judiciously fragmented among 4 players who control a mainstream share for the period of 2013-2018. The market was witnessed to have more than 500 players functioning, with just 4 corporates operating around the globe. While corporates compete on basis of traditional cash handling services, the increment of the digital technology has shifted their efforts towards automating their services and installing more technology. With traditional services suffering from decreasing margins, consolidation has started and is increasing among the top corporates. The requirement for the Consolidation is fueled by the requirement for corporates to enter new markets, huge increment in the market share in existing markets, and diversify product and service portfolios to accommodate technology based contributions. Furthermore, it is anticipated that in the coming years, the market of cash logistics will increase around the globe over the coming years more positively.

Key Segments Covered

By Region

North America



Latin America, Middle East and Africa

By Service

Cash in Transit

Cash Replenishment

Retail Cash Management

Other Cash Services – Cash Processing, Counting, Sorting, Packaging

By Countries Covered

United States of America



United Kingdom






Saudi Arabia

Key Target Audience

Existing Cash Logistics Companies

Investors and Venture Capital Firms

Technology Based Startups

Banking and Financial Institutions

Government Entities

ATM Managed Services Companies

ATM Supply Companies

Retail Stores

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2013 -2018

Forecast Period: 2019-2023

Companies Covered:















United States





TB Forte


CMS Infosystem

Writer Safeguard



Radiant Cash

Saudi Arabia


Al Hamrani







Key Topics Covered in the Report

Global Cash Logistics Market Value Chain Analysis

Global Cash Logistics Market Overview

Global Cash Logistics Market Trends

Global Cash Logistics Market Challenges

Global Cash Logistics Future Projections

Global Cash Logistics Market Segmentation by Region

Global Cash Logistics Market Segmentation by Service

Competition Analysis of Global Cash Logistics Companies

Country Profiles – United States, Brazil, France, United Kingdom, Germany, India, Australia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Spain

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