September 16, 2019

Growth in Industrial Sectors Expected to Drive World Explosion Protection Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

According to study, “World Explosion Protection Market Research Report 2024 (covering USA, EU, China, South East Asia, Japan and etc)” the key companies operating in the world explosion protection market areABB Group, Fike,IEP Technologies, Siemens AG,Pepperl+FuchsGmbH, Rembe,Schischek, Yokogawa,Cordex Instruments Ltd., SGS Group, Intertek Group PLC, Marechal Electric Group, R. Stahl Aktiengesellschaft (R.Stahl AG),BS&B Preure Safety Management, Bartec GmbH,Nanyang Explosion Protection Group, G.M. International SRL, Adalet Inc., Alloy Industry Co. Ltd., Atex,Lanhua HS, Drondickson,ShanxiZhongchuangda, RAE Systems (Honeywell), Rockwell Automation, Inc.,Zhongronghuigu,Jiangsu Juxi, Extronics Limited, ChinaGeneralSafetech, Jiangsu Tqsafety, Cooper industries (Eaton),Liye, BeijingPulande.

Explosion is defined as an extreme increased in the energy of a system, which can be mechanical or nuclear in an uncontrolled extent result in increasing in temperature & evacuation of gases. Some sources are responsible for the explosions such as increased pressure, leakage of gases, nuclear reactions, dust and others. In order to prevent these explosions, numerous types of prevention measures are being taken in to account at a time of designing products for mechanical, nuclear, electrical and chemical use and these products are termed as explosion protection. Explosion protection is used to protect buildings and civil engineering infrastructure against external & internal explosions or deflagrations.

Based on equipment type, explosion protection market is segmented into explosion segregation (isolation), explosion proof/explosion containment and explosion prevention/limiting energy. Explosion segregation segment is further sub-segmented into powder/sand filling and oil/liquid immersion. Explosion containment segmented is further sub-segmented into ingress enclosures, flameproof enclosures and conduit & cable seals. Additionally, explosion prevention segmented is further sub-segmented into purging enclosures, pressurized enclosures, non-sparking devices, hermetical sealing, restricted breathing and intrinsic safe devices. Based on system, market is segmented into motor, material handling, power supply system, automation system, surveillance system and other systems. Based on hazardous zone, market is segmented into zone 0, zone 1, zone 20, zone 2, zone 2, zone 21 and zone 22.

Based on flammable substance, market is segmented into class 1 (gas & vapor), class 2 (combustible dust), class 3 (fibers & flying’s), division 1 and division 2. Based on group, market is segmented into Group A (acetylene), Group B (hydrogen and manufactured gases containing hydrogen), Group C (petrochemicals) and Group D (petrochemicals include methane). Based on temperature classes, market is segmented into T1 (450°C or 842°F), T2 (300°C or 572°F), T3 (200°C or 3142°F), T4 (135°C or 275°F), T5 (100°C or 212°F) and T6 (85°C or 185°F). Based on application market is segmented into lifting systems, cable glands, lighting systems, junction boxes & enclosures, switching & sockets, panel boards & motor starters, signaling systems, surveillance & monitoring systems, switchgear, material handling systems, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and others. In addition, based on end-users, market is segmented into mining, aerospace & aircraft, construction, waste management, oil & gas, downstream, midstream, upstream, explosives, manufacturing, chemicals, paint, ship yards, marine industry, marine ports and others.

The explosion protection market is driven by growth in industrial sectors, followed by increase in safety,rise in automation sector and stringent government regulations for handling hazardous areas & substances. However, lack of standardization and slow economic activity may impact the market. Moreover, rise in investment in emerging markets and increase in demand for integrated systems are key opportunities for market.

The global explosion protection market is anticipated to grow with the healthier rate owing to rise in demand for integrated systems over the forecast period.

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World Explosion Protection Market Research Report

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