24 Nov 2014, У ребенка больше двух родителей

Когда ребенок может иметь больше двух родителей ? Имеется в виду в рамках иммиграционного процесса.

46.1 Reg. 1.14A Note

In limited circumstances, it is possible for certain children to have more than 2

parents. Although this is not expressly stated in legislation, it is catered for and

highlighted in Note 1 of regulation 1.14A. Essentially, it is possible for a child to have more than 2 parents in 2 situations, as follows.

46.2 Step-children

If a child has a step-parent, it is possible for the child to have more than 2 parents.

This is because they may have two biological parents, plus a step-parent.Unlike a formal adoption, the formation of a step-relationship does not remove the biological parent’s relationship with the child, meaning their child-parent relationship under s5CA remains intact.

This is of particular relevance to the assessment of the parental responsibility (custody) public interest criteria 4015 and 4017

46.3 Customarily adopted children

If a child has been customarily adopted as per regulation 1.04(1)(c) (and subsequently regulation 1.04(2)), it is possible for the child to have more than 2 parents.

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