July 17, 2020

Latest Trends in Compound Management

Compound Management Introduction:

The process of drug development in areas such as chemical development, high-throughput screening, formulation development, drug delivery, and assay development is being sought when it truly adds value. Such rising drug discovery activity is expected to create a demand for compound management around the world.

Top Companies Operating in this Study:

  1. Tecan Trading AG
  2. Hamilton Company
  3. TTP Labtech
  4. Frontier Scientific Services
  5. Biosero Inc.
  6. Evotec
  7. Icagen, Inc.
  8. Wuxi Apptec
  9. TCG Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd
  10. BioAscent

Biopharmaceutical Industries Development

In recent years, the biopharmaceutical industry is developing at an extraordinarily rapid speed. Manufacturers are confronting to the various healthcare difficulties through the latest medicines, progressing digitalization, therapy forms, and continuously changing the management. According to a survey report published by Torreya Economical Model 2017, the pharmaceutical industry is 30% larger than its previous estimations till 2017 and contributes to one of the top five sectors increasing global economic value. As per the statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), the population around the globe is rising by 1.2% per annum, leading to growth in population in the elderly class.

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Drug Discovery: Rising Activity

Development of the drug is a complicated, long, and costly process, embedded with a high degree of improbability that a drug will succeed. Various advanced techniques are used to check the drug discovery processes. High Throughput Screening (HTS) is used in drug discovery for the screening of a large number of compounds with a biological target. The data on activity against the target is collected for a representative sample of compounds selected from an extensive library. Drug discovery aims to relate the operation of a compound to its chemical structure and therefore is used to identify more active compounds.

Research & development expenses compared to the methods of exploring, examining, and producing innovative products, upfront payments, and milestones, enhancing products, and exhibiting product efficiency and regulatory compliance before launch. Thus, the high research investment by investors, biopharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries are expected to propel the growth of the compound management market over the forecast years