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Europe Healthcare Virtual Assistants Market Size and Growth Rate:

The Europe Intelligent Virtual Assistant Market Size would observe market growth of 34.70% CAGR through the forecast period (2017 - 2023).

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Europe Healthcare Virtual Assistants Market Overview:

Circumstances such as the growing number of smartphone users and the growing use of healthcare applications, the increasing demand for quality healthcare delivery, and the increasing prevalence of chronic disorders are encouraging the growth of the healthcare virtual assistants market in Europe. The growing focus on developing conversational virtual assistant tools and multi-language assistance in healthcare virtual assistant tools are also expected to provide growth possibilities for players in the market.

Europe Healthcare Virtual Assistants Market Growth Drivers and Restraints:

Increasing internet connectivity and the growing adoption of smartphones and mobile platforms play a pivotal role in ensuring the adoption and use of chatbots. This has ensured a growing number of consumers to access healthcare services, and also considerably broadened the reach of said services. Thus, increasing use of smartphones among victims and among medical professionals is anticipated to assist the growth of the market in the healthcare industry.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is essentially the use of algorithms and software to provide the interpretation for the complex medical data without direct human input. The recent improvement in the AI technologies accelerated the progress in a wide range of Natural Language Processing (NLP) purposes for healthcare, including services for patients, digital assistants for healthcare professionals, and digital scribes to streamline the documentation process.

AI technology has the potential to enhance health care outcomes by cutting the treatment cost. The applications of AI in virtual accessories not only help in clinical settings, but also in helping medical diagnostics, improving pharmaceutical marketing, and decreasing medication non-adherence. AI has helped the healthcare industry to raise patient engagement to the next level. The health advisers and virtual assistants incorporated with AI help in prompting patients to take their medicines and doctor appointments, administering medical suggestions, and allowing virtual interaction with the doctors.

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Europe Healthcare Virtual Assistants Market Geographical Segmentation:

Europe commanded the biggest share of the global healthcare virtual assistants market in 2018, followed by North America and the Asia Pacific. The large share of this region is largely attributed to the factors such as growing healthcare sector, growing need to reduce healthcare cost, a growing number of hospitals, and increasing demand of the technological advancements by the hospitals. Moreover, growing competition in the healthcare industry and increasing pressure to develop cost-effective procedure is providing growth possibilities for the healthcare virtual assistants market.

Keyplayers of the Europe Healthcare Virtual Assistants Market:

Leading players in the healthcare virtual assistants market are Infermedica, Nuance Communications Inc., Microsoft, Amazon, Sensing, eGain Corporation,HealthTap Inc., Kognito Solutions LLC, Verint Systems Inc., and Babylon Healthcare Services Ltd.

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