January 1, 2021

AvatarBuilder Review

In this AvatarBuilder review, we would like to publish article about an alternative for this one. As you know, this is a product launched in 6 Jan 2021 from Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar. But right now, i have seen people asking for an alternative. In the below wavium article, i have posted content about Mugjam from Todd Gross, i would like to post an introduction about the best seller from Paul, called Video Robot.

Please note, there are 4 video creation types including spokeperson, video without avatar or doodle sketch video, but i'm going to introduce the spokeperson type, which is the similar value and core benefit of AvatarBuilder, an app being reviewed here.

1.AvatarBuilder Review - Replace by Video Robot

At here, choose the 3D Avatar Templates. Like Avatar Builder, this one also includes templates in their library. And of course, you have limitation about the amount of templates from the front end account and you definitely want upsells to unlock additional templates in library.

In the next part, you need to choose the Characters.

There are tons of 3D Avatar characters in the library. But, you can not customize the appearance as from AvatarBuilder. But, you have features to upload greenscreen video to remove background of that video and we utilize the background as from Video Robot.

Now, you may want to add text to speech into your video. However, the TTS features here reflect the name of the software because they sound too robotic and definitely not as good as Avatar Builder in terms of this feature. So, i suggest you to record your own voice or you can use softwares like Synthesys, Speechelo or Talkia, Voicely to generate humanistic voice files.

Now, you can personalize your video with company information.

As you can see, we have visit the video editor here. You can upload Intro, Outro or Lower Thirds and Text Effect, Animation into this video to increase the engagement of your video campaigns. But, don't expect it to generate a lengthy video here.

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