Growing Mobile Gaming Market, Followed by Increased Integration of Augmented Reality Based Mobile Devices to Drive the Augmented Reality (AR) Gaming Market Over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

The augmented reality (AR) provides innovative technology which contains digital information by a composite view to user in the real-time. The AR technology permits gamers to scan physical world using an augmented experience via providing digital information. AR gaming refers to the management of visual & audio content of a game with the customer’s environment. Its main aim is to connect the virtual world with the real world & utilize the existing surroundings to make a playing field with it. The AR operates in devices for instance smart phones, tablets, laptops, and portable gaming systems. It uses the fixed cameras on mobile devices to cover objects & animations into existing worldview. In AR gaming, the occurrence of gaming is characterized into four aspects like emotional, social, mental, and physical. There is an increasing trend of using AR in the entertainment industry which provides a much more interactive way of game play contrasted to traditional game plays. AR Quake is a famous AR games in which the customer has to wear a head-mounted exhibit to play the game. Some other popular AR games are Splitter Critters, Stack AR, Shadows Remain, Pokemon Go, Conduct AR, Arise, Follow Me Dragon, My Tamagotchi Forever and The Machines.

According to study, “Augmented Reality (AR) Gaming Market - Global Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts to 2023” some of the major companies that are currently working in the augmented reality gaming market are Nintendo Co. Ltd., Aurasma, Gamer, Microsoft Corp., Infinity Augmented Reality, Schneider Electric S.E., ABB Group, Qualcomm, Metaio, Vitaphone GmbH, Total Immersion, Wikitude, Assisted Living Technologies, Inc., VividWorks, Legrand SA, Tunstall Healthcare Ltd., Zappar, Catchoom, Apple, CareTech AB, Siemens AG, Honey International Inc., Augmented Pixels, Blippar, Google Inc., Niantic Inc., Sony Corporation. These key players are investing in the integration of AR technology into their products & providing enhanced gaming features to the consumers.

Based on game types, the augmented reality gaming market is segmented into fighting games, puzzle games, racing games, mystery thriller games, science fiction games, adventure games and shooting games. Based on components, the market is segmented into hardware components and software components. Based on devices, the market is segmented into HMDs, mobiles and smart glasses. Based on technology, the market is segmented as mobile tracking, RFID, GPS and others.

Most of the organizations are extremely investing in higher solutions which combine AR games into mobile devices, enrich business expansion, enable them to improve client experience, and increase revenue during the calculated period. Additionally, the data security breach is one of the key concerns of the market.

The augmented reality gaming market is primarily driven by growing mobile gaming market, followed by increased integration of AR into mobile devices, growing affordability & availability of games in the mobile devices, growing online population, rising demand for IoT-based applications and technology advancements in video gaming. Apart from the major profits, some of the key restraint impacting the market includes high cost of games and lack of content in AR. In addition, increase in research & development or R&D investments in AR is expected to remain a key opportunity to the market.

The AR gaming market is expected to reach US $284.93 billion, by 2023. Over the forecast period it is estimated that the market to increase internet penetration and online gamers globally providing a significant opportunity for the market development.

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