6 Ideas to Show Employees That You Appreciate Them

Workplace culture is such an important part of employee happiness and satisfaction. If employees feel respected, then they are much more likely to work hard for their employer. Teamwork starts with the building up of the individual so that he or she feels appreciated enough to pass the good feelings along until everyone wants to feel good and succeed together.


 There are few people in the world who don’t appreciate hearing that they have done a good job because words matter whether they are spoken, sent electronically or emblazoned on a coffee mug or plaque. Sometimes a few words of encouragement for a particularly difficult task will really help the employee push through to the end of the project. Simply recognizing work through well-thought-out employee appreciation quotes does wonders to boost morale and encourage the employee to keep going.


 There is nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned present to say “thank you” or “keep up the good work.” These gifts don’t have to be big or expensive to be thoughtful. A package of nice pens or colorful pack of Post-It notes tells your employees that you are thinking about them. If your labor force works outside, consider the occasional gift of sunscreen or Chapstick.


 Why is it that finding a box of donuts or muffins in the office kitchen just makes the whole workday brighter? For whatever reason, food is the universal language meaning “I care about you.” Knowing that someone took the extra time to stop at the bakery, or better yet, make something themselves speaks to the hearts of employees. You don’t have to be a master chef to whip up some homemade goodies that tells everyone in your office that you appreciate them.


 Another way to show your appreciation is with treats, and not the edible kind. Treats are little one-time or short-term unexpected niceties or luxuries that go a long way toward boosting office morale. An example of a treat might be to hire a student at a local massage school to earn some practice hours giving chair massages in the break room. Free standing massage chairs can also be rented short term for the office.  Another option might be to upgrade an employee’s parking space for a day, week, or month just because.


Employer-organized outings are great for team building and stress relief. Happy hours are popular for blowing off steam, but if many of your employees have young families, consider throwing a company picnic on a weekend. Your employees who do have families will appreciate that you recognize what’s important in their lives outside of work hours. Also consider just inviting your employees to a nearby fast food lunch once a month. Keeping the outing casual shows them that you are grateful for the service of everyone in your employ - even those making a more modest salary.


Every Christmas Eve, top executives of a chain restaurant known for being open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year go to local restaurants and help in the kitchen. This act of service truly shows recognition and appreciation for what the many employees of this company do every day. Although this particular act of service is not fitting to all company models, the idea behind it is. Getting down in the trenches and getting your hands dirty helps you remember all the people who help make your company work. Working with employees once or twice a year in the mail room, or the sales floor, or the loading dock will make them feel valued and noticed. Pushing the coffee cart around on a day when everyone must stay late to finish a project shows them that you get it. You understand what they do for the good of the company. 

Boosting company morale through acts of employee appreciation is a no-brainer. Simply put, people work harder if they feel valued for the work they do. Getting noticed and thanked by the boss should be a regular and important part of every company’s culture. Happy employees tend to make a more successful company.