What is Yellow Tea? Types, Benefits, and future Scope 2027

Yellow Tea is a beverage prepared from the Camellia sinensis plant and derives its name from its peculair yellow color. It has sweet floral taste. Yello tea is a stimulating beverage which inreases mental alertness and drives away fatigue. The consumption of yellow tea has a number of reported health benefits such as reduced risks of neurogentic diseases, promoting weight loss, averting diaetes, and promoting healthy skin.

Yellow tea is one of the lesser known teas and generates high demand from tea connoisseurs who are willing to have a fine tea experience. Yellow tea is a rare tea which is difficult to cultivate and hence commands an exorbitant price making it a valuable and priced commodity among the tea aficionados. Yellow tea is grown and processed mostly in China and China is expected to dominate the yellow tea market. Increasing diisposable incomes, willingness to spend more on fine tea, and increasing awareness about the exceptional heath benefits of yellow tea are some of the factors that are likely to boost the consumption of yellow teas.

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The List of Companies

1. Adagio Tea 2. Basilur Tea 3. Betjeman and Barton 4. Bigelow 5. Celestial Seaonings 6. ITO EN Inc 7. TWG Tea 8. Twinnings 9. Unilever 10. Yogi Tea