Orthodontic Supplies Market to Witness Widespread Expansion by 2027

Orthodontic Supplies Market: Introduction

  • Orthodontics, a branch of dentistry, majorly deals with the treatment of malocclusion, a condition characterized by improper positioning of the teeth and jaws
  • These products are employed to close the unsightly gaps, abnormal bite patterns, and enable teeth straightening

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  • Different types of fixed and removable appliances aid in muscle retention, teeth movement, and impact the growth of the jaws
  • Braces, special fixed appliances, and fixed space maintainers, among others, represent some of the fixed orthodontic products, while aligners, removable retainers, palatal expander, etc., constitute some of the removable appliances
  • There are three types of malocclusions: Class I, Class II, and Class III. Class I is more prevalent than other types.

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Key Drivers and Restraints of Global Orthodontic Supplies Market

  • Increasing number of patients suffering from malocclusions, tooth decay, jaw pain, and other jaw diseases worldwide are fueling the demand for orthodontic supplies. For instance, misaligned teeth or malocclusion affects around 60% to 75% of the global population; it has the third highest prevalence rate in oral pathologies globally.
  • Rising awareness about the benefits of orthodontics treatment, along with consistent product modifications ensuring better performance and efficiency will further support the demand for these devices in the near future
  • Growing demand for invisible braces among teenagers and adults, along with rising adoption of orthodontic treatments in emerging markets are creating growth opportunities for the global orthodontic supplies market
  • In several countries, orthodontic treatments have unfavorable reimbursement policies and limited insurance coverage, which is hampering the growth of the orthodontic supplies market. As per the data enumerated in Indian Journal of Dental Research 2011, in India, medical insurance companies covered less than 50% of the costs of major dental care procedures, such as orthodontics, restorative care, and periodontics.

North America to Lead Global Orthodontic Supplies Market

  • The global orthodontic supplies market is dominated by North America, owing to the presence of major market players, and improvements in reimbursement policies in the region
  • Expansion of this market in Europe can be ascribed to technological advancements and rising investments in research and development
  • Asia Pacific is projected to be the rapidly growing region for orthodontic supplies. The region is witnessing considerable increase in the number of population with untreated orthodontic problems. Prevalence of malocclusion cases in Asia Pacific region is more than 50% of the total population.
  • The orthodontic supplies market in rest of the world is anticipated to grow gradually

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Key Manufacturers Operating in Global Market

  • 3M Unitek
  • Align Technology, Inc.
  • American Orthodontics
  • ClearCorrect, LLC (Institut Straumann AG)
  • DB Orthodontics Ltd
  • Dentsply Sirona, Inc.
  • G&H Orthodontics, Inc.
  • Great Lakes Dental Technologies
  • Ormco Corporation
  • Rocky Mountain Orthodontics
  • TP Orthodontics, Inc.