Tubeless Insulin Pumps Market Segments, Leading Player, Application & Forecast Analysis

Global Tubeless Insulin Pumps Market: Snapshot

The diabetes care industry has made continuous strides. An array of insulin pump technologies with better management of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia episodes and improved patient comfort has been unveiled over the past several years. Broadly, the evolution of the demand for these insulin pumps, notably tubeless pumps, has been guided by changing regulatory landscape, and evidently constant technological advancements. Particularly, advances in continuous insulin delivery systems including the automation of them has unlocked undoubtedly incredible prospects. The tubeless insulin pumps market has seen new growth trajectories from relentless efforts by medical device makers to expand the choice for patients. Fast evolving demand for smart insulin pumps in developed countries has opened new avenues in other regions.

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The advent of interoperable automated insulin delivery (AID) system has unarguably expanded the potential of tubeless insulin pumps market. The integration of tubeless insulin pumps with wireless technology has helped in expanding the choice for patient populations in how they want to manage the disease. Integration with automated insulin dosing software has made these pumps more digitally connected.

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Global Tubeless Insulin Pumps Market: Growth Dynamics

The demands in tubeless insulin pumps market has thrived on the back of a conscious and steady shift of patients from traditional insulin delivery devices to modern devices with integrated and automated pumps technology. Over the years, in numerous developed nations, especially in North America and Europe, discreet insulin delivery devices have hit the market, and are expected to gather traction in the coming few years. Equipping these devices with smart glucose meters has also bolstered the functionality of tubeless insulin pumps market. Medical device makers are increasingly focusing on the patients’ convenience aspect to launch new products in the tubeless insulin pumps market.

Growing adoption of connected digital diabetes management platform will raise patients’ expectations even higher in the coming few years. Making these devices more secure will then become imperative. In recent years, a few novel product launches have been made in the tubeless insulin pumps market. Many medical devices companies in tubeless technologies have seemingly benefited from user-centered design approach. In future, glucose-responsive insulin approaches will pave way to cutting-edge technologies in tubeless insulin pumps market.

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Global Tubeless Insulin Pumps Market: Notable Developments

A Massachusetts-based company Insulet Corporation has been seeking to introduce smart insulin management system for diabetes care. To this end, the company announced recently in 2019 that it has been successful in getting the U.S. FDA clearance to sell its insulin management system, the Omnipod DASH, as an integrated insulin pump. Encouraged by this, the medical device makers has unveiled alternate controller enabled infusion pump (ACE Pump), Omnipod DASH System, which is designed to infuse drugs to patients at set or variable rate. The device has been integrated with external devices via secure connections. The maker has asserted that the clearance proves that it has adhered to accuracy, cybersecurity, and clinical relevance as put forth by the U.S. FDA. The company opines that launch of devices such as Omnipod DASH Systeme will further the spirit of innovations in the tubeless insulin pumps market.

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