💥 Let's start the seventh wave of cut payments! List of tasks ☝️

Dear friends! Recently, the order book for the purchase of UMI cryptocurrency for the first time overcame $ 4,000,000. And even though we paid the fifth and sixth wave of the cut in honor of the anniversary of the ROY Club, we will not wait for $ 5,000,000 in the order book, but start a new one - the seventh wave of payments - right now! 🙌

How to get coins within the 7th payout wave❓

1. Record a video review about UMI and post it on your YouTube channel or on a social network convenient for you. 2. Post a text review about UMI to your Facebook, VK or Instagram account (this can be a detailed text description under your video review). 3. In the Telegram bot, click the "I completed tasks" button and send links to both reviews: https://teleg.run/roy_airdrop_bot. 4. Wait for the manual check by the moderator. You will receive a notification.

❗️ Having fulfilled all 4 conditions, you will be included in the list for payment and in the next tranche you will receive another 10% of the total amount for the cut to your roy-address.

💡 We also remind you of all the important theses on the cut: 👇

✅ Despite the beginning of the 7th wave, we will continue to pay out coins in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 waves. If you have not received previous payments yet, just complete the tasks that await you in the Telegram bot https://teleg.run/roy_airdrop_bot. After completing all the tasks, you will receive payment for several waves at once.

✅ Thanks to these tasks, our community develops much faster, becomes more recognizable and authoritative. Ultimately, completing assignments brings great benefits both for the whole ROY Club and for you personally. 😉

✅ If something does not work out for you with tasks or with a bot, write to us on Telegram at @roysupport. We will help you.

Our Telegram bot https://teleg.run/roy_airdrop_bot is already looking forward to your feedback. We are sure they will be cool. 👍 We will gladly send you coins as part of the 7th wave when you successfully complete the tasks. Go! 🚀

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