More than 80 million UMI and more than $ 1 000 000 - trading volume

Friends, we are in a hurry to share another achievement! In total, more than 80 million UMIs have already been created. More than 73 million of them are in staking (70 million - in the ROY Club and 3 million - in the ISP Club)!

☝️ Of the total emission, approximately only 10% of UMIs are in free circulation, the remaining 90% are located in a smart contract for staking to multiply up to 40% per month. Stunning statistics!

💰 At the same time, the daily trading volume of the UMI cryptocurrency has been steadily growing recently and currently exceeds $ 1.1 million A particularly sharp increase is observed on the exchange, where the trading volume is already about $ 380,000- $ 450,000. The day before yesterday the figure was about $ 200,000. 🚀

✨ And immediately about one more event - the number of UMI in ROY Club staking exceeded 70 million coins. Just last Wednesday we reported 65 million UMI. The rapid growth is observed primarily due to the growth of the ROY Club members - there are already more than 106,000 of us.

💪 ROY Club - success is available to everyone. Follow us! 🙌