🔥In the order book for buying UMI - $ 4 000 000! Soon we are starting a new wave of cut payments! 💰

Friends, we greet everyone and congratulate you on another significant achievement - the order book for buying UMI has filled more than $ 4,000,000. And the total liquidity of the coin, taking into account offers on the p2p platform, exceeded $ 4,420,000! https://umi.top/ru/liquidity 🥳

Every day the ROY Club and UMI cryptocurrency are becoming stronger - we go forward hand in hand and set incredible records that most cryptocurrencies and staking pools cannot even dream of. And the main component of such amazing success is our activity, solidarity and awareness! 🙌

💥 Since we have overcome the next milestone of $ 1 million, we will soon traditionally begin a new wave of cut payments. Terms of receiving coins will be published shortly - stay tuned! 💥

More than $ 4 million in the order book is an unbreakable wall to ensure the stability of UMI, which we have built. Thanks to such high liquidity, our cryptocurrency is reliably protected from a decline in the rate. And this gives us the opportunity to buy coins completely safely, enter them into staking, multiply up to 30% per month and sell them without any problems at any time and in any quantity - always at a favorable rate. Perfect! 👍

⚡We remind you that now we have a new MEGA-DRAWING with cool prizes. By purchasing a lottery ticket for 500 UMI, you get a unique chance to become the owner of a brand new iPhone 12 PRO, iPad Pro 11 2020 and many other cool gifts. And of course, you can win the main prize - an elite Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 in the maximum configuration! 🔥

👉 Terms of the competition are here: https://teletype.in/@royclubofficial/tvC0Zqm7t. Read on and be sure to join. Don't miss your chance! 🤟

Friends, we congratulate you once again on reaching the next stage in the development of the ROY Club and UMI cryptocurrency and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your activity! 🙏

Sincerely yours, ROY Club! 🌈