The crisis is already knocking on the door!

☣️ In recent months, coronavirus is walking the planet and not only kills people, but harms the entire global economy. Asset prices are falling, production is halting, large companies are suffering big losses.

And now, today the crisis has crept up to Russia. Due to disruptions in oil supplies due to the spread of coronavirus, many exporters (including Russia) have formed an excess of “black gold”. The other day OPEC had to come to an agreement to reduce oil production in order to prevent even greater surpluses, but the participants could not come to a compromise.

The result - a collapse in oil prices and a sharp drop in the ruble, by almost 20%. Did you have a ruble deposit in the bank? You have gone negative. Invested in ruble bonds and stocks? You are losing. Even just getting your salary you will be in the red, as you have to work cheaper.

In this difficult period, the only way to make money is to invest in high-yield investments, such as cryptocurrencies. With ROY Club and PRIZM you are guaranteed an increase in the number of coins in the amount of 15% to 20% per month. This will cover any losses and exchange rate fluctuations in the long run. In addition, cryptocurrencies are not so dependent on global factors, such as the political situation or oil prices ☝️

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