🔥 ROY Club and UMI: 3 months together! 💝

Dear members, we're celebrating today: it's been exactly 3 months since UMI and ROY Club integration! Think about it — it's just been 3 months, and we've achieved prominent results in such a short time. 📈

Our UMI staking structure has: 👇

🏆 Over 39,000 active members, including: 1,100 Bronze Partners, 260 Silver Partners, 36 Golden Partners, 3 Ruby Partners and 1 Sapphire Partner. We're really close to reaching a milestone of 40,000 members!

🏆 4,750,000 UMI deposited which is 4.75 mln dollars or 350 mln rubles! We're confident we'll reach the level of 5,000,000 UMI one of these days which will enable each of us to start staking at the rate of 25% a month.

❗️Over these three months, we've also run two airdrop waves, arranged two powerful UMI forums, and backed the coin by over $350,000. We've also released a mobile app, and will soon release the updated ROY Club app adapted for UMI. Can any other community of the world boast of the same results over a time period of 3 months❓

👉 Dry fact: a month ago the Club's structure had about 2,500,000 UMI — we've nearly doubled the number of coins since then (!). We have no doubts left — ROY Club is the fastest growing community in the world. 🚀

UMI has given each of us new unique opportunities: Free instant payments, growth of cryptocurrency without the risk of loss, a new level of growth and development. With UMI we've made huge strides, stepped across the horizon and effaced the boundaries. UMI has made our dreams come true. 🤩

Congratulations to all leaders and regular members. 🥳Each of you has greatly contributed to all of the Club's achievements. We've reached great heights, but we'll move on. It's just a start. We're looking forward to:

✅ millions of new members,
✅ staking at the rate of 40% a month,
✅ thousands of new business forums worldwide,
✅ multiple innovations.

We know no boundaries. This is why we urge you to stay alert, develop our UMI structure on all fronts and buy coins on SIGEN.pro and Crypto-By-Card, thus ensuring the coin's liquidity, sustainability and protection against price drops. Please remember that together we ensure everyone is happy. 🤩

On a final note, we've prepared an awesome surprise for you and we'll soon show all the aces. We're confident you'll be thrilled. 😉

Yours, ROY Club! 🤜🤛