Malt Ingredients Market Global Industry Analysis, size, share and Forecast 2020-2027

The GMI Research expects the malt ingredients market to expand at a significant rate. From a regional perspective, Europe is expected to dominate the market owing to the strong presence of bakery and brewery in economies like the U.K., Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain. The growing focus on producing and processing malt ingredients to improve the application base will further surge the market growth.

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Malt Ingredients Market Dynamics (including market size, share, trends, forecast, growth, forecast, and industry analysis)

Key Drivers

Some of the primary factors responsible for the growth of the global malt ingredients market include the growing awareness associated with the benefits of malt ingredients, followed by the strong demand for different malt ingredients in the food & beverage sector. The rising importance of malt extracts as a functional ingredient for the formulation of nutritional and confectionary drinks will propel the growth of the global malt ingredients market. Additionally, the rising disposable income among consumers, coupled with the emerging demand for multiple packaged food and ready to eat products owing to the busy lifestyle of the individual, will further contribute to the growth of the global malt ingredients market. The growing consumption of beer and other alcoholic beverages will bolster the market growth in the upcoming years. Furthermore, the increasing health consciousness among consumers to opt for malt ingredients will further augment the growth of the market. On the other hand, the factors hindering the growth of the global malt ingredients market include the variations in the raw material costs and the easy availability of substitute ingredients at low cost than the malt ingredients.

Product Type Segment Drivers

Based on the product type, the Malt extract segment is anticipated to increase at a higher CAGR during the forecast period. This is mainly attributed to the increasing preference for clean label products and growing consumer demand for high nutritional rich food products around the world. Moreover, malt extract consists of enzymes and vitamins, which boost the shelf life of baked products. This factor is enhancing the demand for malt ingredient food products in the food and beverage industry.

Malt Ingredients Market’s leading Manufacturers:

· Axéréal Group

· Crisp Malting Group Limited

· Muntons PLC

· GrainCorp Limited

· Simpsons Malt Ltd.

· Soufflet Group

· Malteurop Groupe S.A.

· Ireks GmbH

· Dohler GmbH

· Malt Products Corporation

Malt Ingredients Market Segmentation:

Segmentation by Raw Material:

· Barley

· Wheat

· Rye

· Maize

· Others

Segmentation by End-Use:

· Food & Beverages Industry

o Food

§ Bakery Products

§ Confectionaries

§ Dairy & Frozen Food

§ Pet Food

o Beverages

§ Alcoholic

§ Non-alcoholic

· Pharmaceutical Industry

· Nutraceuticals

· Others

Segmentation by Product Type:

· Malt Extract

o Dry Malt Extract

o Liquid Malt Extract

· Malt Flour

· Others

Segmentation by Grade:

· Specialty Malt

· Caramelized Malt

· Roasted Malt

· Standard Malt

Segmentation by Region:

· North America

o United States of America

o Canada

· Asia Pacific

o China

o Japan

o India

o Rest of APAC

· Europe

o United Kingdom

o Germany

o France

o Spain

o Rest of Europe

· RoW

o Brazil

o South Africa

o Saudi Arabia


o Rest of the world (remaining countries of the LAMEA region)

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