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Biodiesel is a renewable fuel which is produced from renewable sources such as vegetable oils, animal fats, and recycled cooking oil. It is used as an alternative biofuel in existing diesel engines without the need for engine modification. Biodiesels are biofuels consisting of long chain alkyl esters. It is synthesized by chemically reacting lipids such as vegetable oils and animal fats with an alcohol producing fatty acid esters. Biodiesel can be used singularly, or blended with petroleum based diesels in any proportions. They are also prevalently used as heating oil.

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Biodiesel works seamlessly with existing diesel engines and diesel vehicles. It is mostly used as a blend with petroleum diesel fuel in diesel vehicles. Biodiesel is known to raise the cetane number of the fuel and improve fuel lubricity. The high cetane number of biodiesel fuel reduces ignition delay in engines while the better lubrication properties of biodiesels reduce friction between engine parts and reduce additional wear. The gradual transition of the automobile sector to green mobility is anticipated to drive the demand for biodiesel fuels in the forecast period. The biodiesels is more environmentally friendly than petroleum based diesel fuels as the burning of biodiesel fuels in combustion engines results in 45% lower particulate matter emissions.

The growing awareness about the impact of fossil fuel on the planet is anticipated to drive the demand for biofuels such as biodiesels. However, biodiesels are incompatible with a number of materials used in manufacturing seals and hoses. O-rings, seals and gasket materials made from natural or nitrile rubber compounds, polyvinyl, polypropylene, and tygon are particularly incompatible with biodiesel. The incompatibilty of biodiesels with the construction material of a number of machines and equipments is expected to restrict the use of biodiesels to some extent.

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The List of Companies:

Biox, Bunge, Cargil, Green Fuels, Münzer Bioindustrie Gm, Neste Corporation, Renewable Energy Group, Wilmar International, Terravia Holdings