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Expert Says Importance of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Industry

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are transforming the way manufacturing, industries, factories and others operate, the digital images and data have made the processes much easier. AR adds the digital data on to the real environment allowing the user to explore more details of the real environment. This application of AR is a step ahead of VR application which allows user to view the reality by simulation. AR applications are more feasible as they can be deployed on smartphones and tablets, these applications in industrial scenario help employees to understand the tools, machineries, and other applications include training, diagnosis of the machinery and repair.

What Now? Food Safety and Hygiene Compliance to touch Human life.

Food safety and hygiene compliance market by solution is segmented into hardware, solution, and services. The services food safety and hygiene compliance market holds the highest share whereas, software is expected to be the fastest growing segment. The services provided by the food operators and food production business consists of auditing, training, testing, validation, and consultation services. Under the consulting services, the consultants of health and safety work closely with companies to ensure proper adherence with the new federal regulations. The installation & maintenance services are encompassed with auditing, inspection/testing, compliance, and certification services. To maintain the functionality of systems and software, managed services are used. 

Aircraft Lighting Market to 2025 - Analysis and Forecasts

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