Steps to Write A Personal Essay

Personal essays are usually assigned at the high school and college assignments. It gives the teacher a chance to get to know you and evaluate your writing skills. Moreover, it also gives students a chance to share their stories to inspire the audience in some way.

In short, this type of essay aims to explain your personal story to the audience. It may be an example of a personal opinion on a specific topic. You can also take help from a professional essay writer if you are facing difficulty at any stage.

The first step is to understand what it is about and what to include in it. It is not that simple as you need to distinguish it from a descriptive essay to be able to expect a high grade.

You can also follow the steps given below to write a personal essay yourself.

Understanding the Right Context

It is a type of essay that focuses on the writer’s personal experiences. It may include a turning point in your life that results in an important lesson of growth.

There is no need to justify your views and opinions. It is because they are entirely based on the writer’s feelings and experiences. Take it as an autobiography where the author shares his life story and events.

Elements to Include in Your Personal Essay

The two main types of personal essays are:

  1. Personal Narrative Essay
  2. Personal Opinion Essay

Both of them follow different structures and have distinctive characteristics.

A personal narrative essay focuses on the below-mentioned aspect.

●     It indicates a major life event that taught you a meaningful lesson.

●     It should comprise elements like plot, characters, dialogue, setting, and theme.

●     It is a true representation of real-life events

On the other hand, a personal opinion essay has the following characteristics.

●     It is similar to a conversation where you mention an issue and propose a valid solution for it.

●     It also provides insight into the problem from the writer’s perspective.

●     Lastly, it contains factual information.

Steps to Write A Personal Essay

Personal essays are required to follow certain guidelines.

1. Choose an Interesting Topic to Write About

Personal essays involve the important aspects that you consider worth mentioning. Therefore, go for something that holds something important and also serves as a lesson for others too.

However, if you find this as a challenging task, it would be better to go for free essays writing help to write your essay in no time.

Addressing a topic of your and the audience’s choice will make it more interesting to read. Furthermore, you can write about anything. It may include a problem that you have faced in your life to a relationship that changed you as a person.

2. Create an Essay Outline

It is the most essential step to create a well-structured outline. It keeps the entire writing process organized and helps share information in a logical flow.

Always begin your essay by introducing yourself. You can also provide something interesting such as a historical background to build the reader’s interest.

Introduce other characters if you are planning to mention them too. It will make it easier for the audience to better understand your concept.

The body paragraphs include all the details of your life story. Write it in a chronological manner and use sensory details and figurative language to make it even more compelling.

The concluding paragraph reflects upon these experiences by providing a brief summary.

This information will help you understand personal essays in a better way. In case if you are still confused about starting the writing process, simply hire a free essay writer to deliver you a paper that meets the requirements of your professor.