60 Reflective Essay Topics for Students – 2020 Ideas

A reflective essay is a kind of creative essay writing. Teachers usually assign such essays to students for the purpose of knowing their personal experience rather than an expert opinion.

Thinking about a theme to write such essays is an easy task. All you have to do is to think about some moments from your life that you want to share with others.

It is always better to get assistance from an essay writer whenever you face difficulty in selecting a good topic for your college essays.

On the other hand, we have also made a list of some essay topics for you to choose from. It is given below:

1. A dramatic reunion of my family

2. The consequences of lies in a marriage

3. A time in my life when I felt most embarrassed

4. The toughest challenge in a relationship

5. Cases when your parents punished you for nothing

6. How I helped someone in need

7. Reasons why we can wish to have something others have

8. Choosing between brother and sister

9. How I confronted the business owner and did not get fired

10. The worst vacation I have ever had

11. Last time when I was laughing out loud

12. Several things that made me cry in my life

13. Making castles of sand on the beach in summer

14. Walking past long dunes

15. One day when I went hiking with my friends

16. Swimming in the ocean in Portugal

17. My first trip to the sea

18. Flying on a plane for the first time in your life

19. Playing in the mud as a naughty child

20. Taking part in a football game for the first time

21. Visiting the Sahara Desert as a tourist

22. Kissing first love in the rain

23. Hunting with your dad and uncle

24. The most recent cooking experience

25. The bookstore I prefer for many reasons

26. My first part-time job and my responsibilities

27. Serving as an intern in a hospital

28. The place where my dad proposed to my mom

29. The place in my town that holds precious memories

30. A visit to the Olympic Games

31. The most memorable music gig I’ve ever attended

32. Watching “Harry Potter” at the cinema

33. Reading “The Great Gatsby” from cover to cover

34. My last visit to the circus

35. The most dangerous locations I have ever visited

36. Playing soccer with pals at the community playground

37. Working in the office vs. working in a garage

38. My least favourite high school subject

39. Challenges that I faced being a college freshman

40. Things that I have learned during my time in college

41. The time I have faced high school bullying myself

42. High school prom and how I became the queen

43. The most successful part of academic life

44. How I entered college thanks to the stunning essay

45. Starting a brand-new career in another town

46. The day when I stood up for the rights of racial minorities

47. The way my family and I celebrate Christmas in the US

48. Doing ordinary things like laundry or cleaning up

49. Receiving an unexpected gift from a stranger on St. Valentine’s

50. Getting lost on the dark woods

51. A contradictory conversation that made you angry

52. A moment when you felt discouraged and disappointed by something that someone said

53. When you first heard that someone was proud of you

54. The moment you realized you’re in love

55. When you met a family member for the first time

56. The birth or adoption of a sibling or child

57. Watching someone you love and care about losing their memory due to dementia

58. When you apologized to someone and really felt it

59. When you were extremely embarrassed

60. When you got caught lying and tried to cover it