Reasons Why Real Estate Agents should use Virtual Tours to Market their Properties

Virtual tours are excellent tools for realtors to market their latest projects to their customers who are too busy to visit the actual sites or are located at far off places. Using virtual tours, realtors are able to showcase all elaborate and delicate detailing of a property to potential customers, thereby allowing them to enjoy a comprehensive property walkthrough from the comfort of their homes. Virtual tours are an important investment when it comes to revamping real estate marketing portfolio and they are excellent solutions for implementing modern marketing plans in the best possible way. Virtual tours are interactive and they deliver immersive experiences, allowing potential homebuyers to imagine how their future homes would look or feel like. Virtual tours provide detailed information to homebuyers, allowing them to make an informed decision on whether they should invest in a particular property or not. With research suggesting that prospects invest a major part of their time to look for properties online, realtors should make it a point to deliver maximum possible information through online presentations. It goes without saying, virtual tours provide in-depth views of properties from multiple perspectives, allowing customers to make an informed decision.

If you are a realtor, here’s why you should consider including 3D virtual tours in your marketing packages.

1. Savings: Agents who use virtual tours for promotion are benefited in terms of money, time, and a drastic reduction in hassles that they might otherwise experience by organizing first-time real visits to properties. By letting potential homebuyers have an initial idea about a property, agents can easily book physical property visits faster as customers will now be interested to take a closer look at the property after watching the 3D virtual tour. This will in turn save the agent a good amount of time and he would now be able to focus on customers who are most likely to buy the property. This would make agents to operate more efficiently and focus on other tasks that may bring better results.

2. Improved Attention: Using virtual tours, agents make their listings more attractive and set his business apart from the rest of the crowd. Agents can now make the most out of online listings and gain the attention of their target audience. Virtual tours allow agents to showcase their projects to a large section of the audience. With this, agents can now reduce cases when some clients opt for physical property visits without having any real intention of making an investment. Research indicates that 80 percent of initial viewing doesn’t actually contribute to a second-time visit. By using virtual tours, agents can now identify the real customers and earn their attention, which would allow them to get further instructions on how they can customize properties to benefit clients further.

3. Authenticity

Customers are more likely to get impressed with virtual tours as they showcase every detailing with a high level of accuracy. Virtual tours allow customers to view the indoor and the outdoor spaces of a property with clarity and to take a call. With accurate property representations, agents are now able to convince their prospects better and deliver an immersive experience that enables customers to feel a life-like appeal in the presentations of properties that they are thinking to buy. Research indicates that around 75 percent of customers, who were interviewed during the study, preferred to view virtual tours in order to make a final decision. Realtors may hire 360 degree virtual tour services in order to get highly-detailed and unique virtual tours created. With this, they can avoid the use of large-sized brochures that clients were asked to download a few years back. Companies specializing in delivering virtual tours can help realtors get access to videos that they can use on their websites or emails or can share the tour links with their prospects via Whatsapp. Agents can even engage in live video chats with their clients amidst an ongoing virtual tour. Realtors can also make use of information labels to add property-related details, zoomed-in photos, videos, and the Google Street View feature. In fact, it is possible to showcase all unique selling points of the property. Agents may also opt for a narrated virtual tour that would allow them to market their projects in a more holistic manner. It is possible to get multiple customers join a live virtual tour together.

4. Alternative for in-person visits

Prospective homebuyers find it exhausting to visit multiple sites to view properties and things become more challenging for clients who have mobility issues. With virtual tours, customers are now able to make an initial judgment about whether they would really be interested to invest in a property. They can now plan whether they should go for in-person visits. They can also evaluate accessibility and decide if the property would really meet their lifestyle requirements.

5. Qualified Viewings

Agents will have lesser degree of distractions as they would now have only qualified buyers visiting the sites. Virtual tours promote higher qualified viewings and increase the probability of higher sales. This makes sellers to sell their homes faster and at a reasonable rate. Prospective buyers can view a property satisfactorily at any time of the day and at any time of the month depending on their convenience. Bound by tight schedules, customers don’t find enough time to make physical property visits, and stats indicate that 60 percent of visits happen on weekends and on evenings. With virtual tours, buyers would no longer have to view properties in the dark or compromise on their leisure time during the weekends.

To sum up, virtual tours are all about convenience and detailed viewing. So if you are a realtor, you should definitely opt for getting professional virtual tours created to get better impact. At the same time, you should keep the still images of your projects refined so as to maintain a mixed marketing portfolio. These photos demand expert photo editing touches in order to be used for professional purposes. Look for prominent real estate photo editing services that can render world-class support so as to allow you to build an all-include real estate campaign portfolio.