Structure of the points in Australia PR Points Calculator

Australia PR Points Calculator is the system through which the immigration department ensures whether you are eligible for a skilled visa or not. Australia is regarded as one of the countries that have a simple immigration process. You can go to Australia without much hassles provided you fulfil the immigration requirements. 

Every year, thousands of skilled professionals migrate to Australia on a PR visa from various countries across the globe, including India. The country has immense employment prospects for skilled human resources. 

You are required to fulfil two essential eligibility factors to qualify for Australia PR visa:

1. You have to score minimum points. (65 points as on 2019)

2. Your profile must show on Australia’s demand list.

To get the Australia PR visa, you are required to secure the minimum score of 65. This is the minimum score. Your chances to qualify for the Australia PR visa would increase accordingly depending upon how high is your score. 

Take a glance at the Class system for visa application:

Before applying for the PR visa in Australia, you would require to mark the skilled migration visa category.

Subclass 189 – The Skilled Independent Visa

Subclass 190 – The Skilled Nominated Program

Subclass 489 - Territory nomination 

However, the main criteria to get the PR visa to visit Australia, you must bag 65 Australia permanent residency points. These points depend upon the following factors:

1Age – Those applicants above 45 years of age are not eligible for the visa. The age limit starts from 18 years. 

Point calculator at a glance –

· 18 to 20 years would fetch 25 points.

· 25 to 32 years would carry 30 points.

· 33 to 39 years would fetch 25 points.

· 40 to 44 years would bring 15 points. 

2. Skilled Employment – Candidates are eligible to get the Australia permanent residency points provided their skills match with the occupation listed in: 

 Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List Medium

 Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)


The maximum points one can get is ‘20 points’ irrespective of work experience within or outside Australia. 

Calculating Points: 

· At least 1 year gets 5 points

· At least 3 years get 10 points

· At least 5 years gets 15 points 

· At least 8 years get 20 points 

The criterion is experience obtained must have been gained within 10 years. 

3. Educational Qualifications: Till 2011, Australia Residency Points were awarded on factors depending upon nominated occupations. 

 Those having nominated occupation under the MLTSSL can apply for - 

· Graduate Temporary Visa (Subclass 485

· Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

· Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887)         

Nominated occupation under the CSOL can apply for –  

· Skilled – Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) Visa

· Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored Provisional Visa (Subclass 489) 

· Skilled Temporary Work Visa (Subclass 457)


4. Australian study requirement

 The candidates achieved an Australian qualification from an educational institution based in the country are judiciously awarded 5 Australia immigration PR points.   

Regional study: 5 Australia skilled migration points for those obtaining:

· Any degree

· Advanced diploma 

· Trade qualification in Australia 

(after at least 2 years in a regional Australia/low population growth metropolitan area).

Community language skill: 5 Australian immigration points are awarded. Every candidate must get their talents recognized by Australia’s National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).                      


5.  Spouse/partner skills and qualification: 5 Australian immigration points for a candidate:

· Who migrated to Australia with their spouse/partner

· Their skills can also award candidates with valuable Australian immigration points.


6. Professional Years: Completing a professional year in Australia in the last 4 years earns the candidate 5 Australian immigration points as a result.


7. Credential Community Language Qualification

8. Study in Regional Australia

9. Partner Skill Qualifications

10. Study in Australia

11. Professional years in Australia 

 12. Nomination by 'State or Territory Government' (visa subclass 190) 

13. Nomination by 'State or Territory Government' (visa subclass 490 only)

Well, after these necessary formalities, you are almost done. However, there are a few things left as final steps before you proceed with immigration. You are required to pay money on the following counts before you settle in Australia.

 A glance-

· Migration agent fees

· Skills assessment cost

· Police check fees

· Cost for your relocation

· Visa fees

· Medical check-up fees

· English language test cost

 Australia is believed to have a large number of opportunities for a skilled workforce. Numerous companies employ people with excellent skills and communication power. The criteria states you would have to bag a minimum of 65 Australia PR points. The above-discussed points are for you to work upon for improving the rankings enabling you to have the edge over applicants concerning Australia visit.