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Latest Technology Farm Equipment

The most commonly used machinery and equipment on the farm are tractors, combines, balers, mowers, planters, sprayers, and mowers. These are used during agricultural production to carry out complicated farm operations such as digging, land clearing, harvesting, and processing of crops. With the rising trend of the global population, the demand for food grains, as well as cash crops, is increasing. The modernization of agriculture is being carried out by various governments to become self-sufficient and increase agricultural output. Technological developments in agriculture are expected to boost the demand for farm equipment in the coming years.

Top 10 The Prominent Players in Waste Water Treatment Industry

Water treatment is the procedure of treating water and making it useable for numerous purposes such as irrigation, industrial applications, and drinking. Water treatment eliminates undesired pollutants and decreases the risk of adverse health effects. In addition, wastewater treatment also decreases and minimizes the effects on the atmosphere in case of disposal. The wastewater from municipal sources such as small industries and households are treated in sewage treatment facilities and reused or disposed to infiltration basins, evaporation ponds, or injection wells.

What is floriculture and its importance?

The global floriculture market is segmented on the basis of product type, application, and distribution channel. On the basis of product type, the floriculture market is segmented into cut flowers, bedding plants, potted plants, others. On the basis of application, the market is bifurcated into, perfumes, decoration, pharmaceuticals, others. Based on distribution channel, the global floriculture market is segmented into, supermarkets and hypermarkets, specialty stores, direct sales, and others.