Money see

It is thought by some people that money is paramount source of happiness. From my point of view people don't need a lot of money to be happy and there are more essential factors that make person happier.

Despite the fact that money is one of the crucial factors in person's life now, this doesn't mean that people cannot be happy with little money in their pocket. Some statistics show that percentage of happy people in undeveloped countries is higher compared to that of who lives in some developed countries. This is due to the fact that poor countries' people more easily gain happiness by doing life's simplicities such as communicating or finding new things out. In this case money is not so essential and this is not only related to undeveloped countries. The point is that people become happier when they do what they want and making money is not always the one of the most important things to do.

The presence of a large amount of money in the pocket is not the only factor which make person happy. Because of the fact that people are social beings, they are usually need in a community support. Any person enjoy when other people recognise his abilities or compliment him. In addition, if person truly loves their job, even if they earn a little money, they are probably happy. Relationship of human with others plays an important role to become happier as well. Excellent communication contribute brain to produce hormones which make human feel happy. In this case, need in money goes into the background and become not quite essential.

In conclusion, money opens up a lot of opportunities and can make people happier. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that people without money are unhappy. You can enjoy life without millions in your pocket as well. Because other people's support can make any person's life a lot better.