Eyes Closed (Filter Off)

Protruding dark specks that reveal themselves on the bland field of view, brought forth when my lids shut down.

Inner vision.

Unavoidable, flowing as I gently reach for new angles.

They simply won’t disappear.

Facing the sun, they become more apparent and contrast the ever so warming sensation of deepening colour.

They follow each movement and glide over my pupils.

Remnants of the exterior world, unavoidable intrusions that reflect our thoughts.

They bring forth the holes in our consciousness.

Our conscious presence, carved by our senses, unaware of its counterpart, ignores what lies in the shadow . What lurks in the dark should scare.

Close your eyes, discern the specks, they’re there,

suddenly apparent.

They won’t go away, they’ll always be our objective.

They are curiosities, interests, passions, emotions, wonders, or in other words, the substance of our identity.