Importance of Step-Down Transformers

It is good to know about some key features of the step-down transformers that everyone need to be aware of, and before starting the discussion about the step-down transformer, let us know about the power transformer manufacturing companies in India, where they produce the transformer units to change the voltage power and supplied to meet various needs of power consumers. The main principle used in the transformer to change the voltage either increase or decrease is electromagnetic induction. Generally, all the power transformer manufacturing companies in India use the general principles and proved procedures to make any type of electrical transformers.

And the most asked question is what type of materials used by the power distribution transformer manufacturers in the making of Transformers. Simply the electrical transformers are made of soft iron coils of two sets which are winded around it but not connected to each other. Further, the iron coils are arranged in such a way that one is placed on the top or even by winding on separate limbs of the iron core.

Power distribution transformer manufacturers, use standardized raw materials in the making of electrical transformers. For the coil which the alternating voltage is supplied is termed as a primary coil or primary winding. Whenever we supply alternating current in the primary coil produces a changing magnetic field around it. And the alternating current in turn produced by the altering field in the secondary winding and the amount of current produced is depended on the number of windings present in the secondary coil.

As there are numerous power transformer manufacturing companies in India, in that list one of the growing step-up and step-down electrical transformers manufacturers in Pune is the precious power technologies, Pvt Ltd. Here you can get a wide variety of electrical transformers that can range from power & distribution transformers to auto variable transformers, along with that you can also get voltage stabilizers, UPS systems, power conditioners, inverters and so on.

Generally, electrical transformers manufacturers in Pune follows high standards of advanced technologies by keeping the quality as the key factor.  And there are two types of electrical transformers used mostly and they are step-up and step-down transformers. The main difference between the two is the amount of voltage produced by the windings in the secondary coil.

Step-Down Transformer

An electrical transformer feeds high voltage at its input terminal and provides a low electrical voltage at its output terminal and it is known as a step-down transformer. Simply, the conversion of high voltage levels at the primary coil to the low voltage towards the secondary coil is done in the step-down transformers offered by the electrical transformer suppliers in Pune. The power in an electrical transformer is measured using the product of current and voltage, and rated in volt-amps VA or kilo volt-amps for larger transformers.

So, technically if we see the power that exists in any electrical transformer is stagnant and there will be no movement at all, and also the power present in both primary and secondary windings of the transformer will be similar and no change. This principle is even applied by the electrical transformer suppliers in Pune in their transformer manufacturing methodologies. And most of the houses get the power by the equipment given by the isolation power transformer manufacturing companies in India.

Step-down electrical transformer suppliers in Pune mostly used technology to convert the conventional 220V electricity to 110V which is required in the most domestic equipments. Here are some of the step-down transformer applications which include:

  • Used in household equipment like TV’s, inverters, and etc.
  • Used for charging the mobiles, in welding transformer, electronic circuits.
  • Used in almost all the UPS systems, distribution substations and many more.


Nowadays, the power transistors usage has been increased in the place of these devices, and during this process, more efficient and lower energy will be lost. But everyone thinks that higher power electrical transformer will weigh more, whereas the same purpose will be performed with the help of lower budget and even in portable size. But in the long run, it can lead to so many issues it is better to go with the standard and ideal option that can be suitable for your needs. You can seek the help of suppliers and power transformer manufacturing companies in India to get the efficient performing, and long-lasting electrical transformers.


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