Wrestler Fucks for Dorm Rent Pt. 09

Bubba Sheen (20 yrs.) stands at 5'11'' and weighs 195 lbs. He's a wrestling champion who likes to shave his head bald. His brown beard and mustache are neatly groomed. His body hair stretches from his chest to the heavy crotch area. Bubba had transferred from a different college in the middle of a busy school year. He's been trying to get a dorm in the athletic village. Susan Asherman (32 yrs.) is a former athlete (32-24-32) who handles housing and financial payments for all of the athletes. She had been getting Bubba's phone messages at her office and agrees to meet with him. Bubba approaches the office and she notices him through the window. He is wearing college sweats and his bald head shines under the sun. He steps inside and sits in a chair before her desk. Bubba: Hi, Susan. I'm Bubba. Susan: Hello Bubba. Nice to meet you. Bubba: Sorry to bother you with all the messages. I'm kind of desperate. Susan: You say you transferred from another college. Bubba: Yeah, I don't have a scholarship. My family will pay for dorm. Susan: You're a sophomore? Bubba: Yeah. Susan: Apply for any grants? Bubba: No. I'm a dependent on my parent's tax returns. Susan: You're a wrestler? Bubba: Yep, I won the NCAA championship last year. At another college. Susan: I'll give you a dorm application. I can try to find one near the athletic village. I make no promises. Bubba: Thanks. Susan: If I get a dorm by Saturday. You want to see it? Bubba: Sure, I'll take anything. Saturday night inside a large dorm. There are two bare mattresses on each side of the room. A large desk and two chairs separate the two beds. There is a long window with closed curtains. Bubba and Susan are both naked on the mattress near the right wall. She lays on her back with both legs spread open and raised into the air. Her buttocks are on the edge of the mattress. Bubba kneels on the carpet floor with his bald-head in between her legs. Both of his large hands grip her tits and fingers pinch the nipples. She arches her back and the mouth is wide open. His lips cover her clitoris hood and his big tongue licks over that tender clitoris. Susan screams, "Uuunnhh... Uuunnhh... Uhh-Uh-Uunnh... I-I came Twice... I-Uuunnhh.. Twice.!!" His fingers twist those nipples. Her head jerks back and forth. She says, "Lick it... Lick-it-Bubba... Unh-Unh-Uuunnhh... Right-There... Uh-Uuunnhh.!!" His big tongue licks even harder. She screams, "My-Gawd... Gonna cum again... Again.!!" His keeps tongue pushes down hard. Susan explodes, "Uuuuuunnnnnhh... Uuuuunnnnhh... Uh-Uuunnhh... Unnh... G-Gawd... Bubba.!!" He lift's up his bald-head. His big tongue licks the folds of her wet pussy lips. She comes down from the orgasm. He looks up at her and whispers, "I love your shaved pussy. I love it." 30 minutes later. Both Susan and Bubba are still naked on the mattress. She is laying on her back with both of her legs spread open. He is kneeling in between those legs with his hands gripping her ankles. Bubba has a very thick 6 and 1/4-inch cock. Only two inches of his shaft is buried inside of her cunt. He looks down at his thickness as it thrusts short and quick. Her tits jiggle. He asks, "You okay honey?" She breathes, "Yes-Yesss... Gawd-Yes... Uhh-Uuunnh... You-Are-Hot-Bubba... Fuckin-Hot.!!" His eyes glance at her tits and he smiles. Thrust-Thrust-Thrust-Thrust. He says, "You're snug honey. Reall snug." She breathes hard, "Y-You... Fill-Me... Upp.!! Uunnnh-Unhh-Uuuunnhh.!! Fuckk.!!" Her eyes look at his brown chest hair and on down to his stomach hair. Then, down to his thick crotch hair. She says, "You're... A-Fucking-Animal... Unnh-Uh-Uunnh-Uh-Fucking-Animal.!!" He smiles, "Thanks honey." His eyes go back down to his cock. It spreads open her pussy lips with each entry. Thrust-Thrust-Thrust-Thrust. She replies, "Uh-Unnh-Uunnh-Uh-Uunnnh... So-Big-So-Big.!" After a few more thrusts. Bubba let's go of her ankles. He leans over and places his fists on each side of her tits. His eyes look down at his shaft and stops by holding his cock inside. He looks back up to her face. He says, "Look me honey." She looks into his eyes. He whispers, "I'm gonna go deeper." She whispers, "Okay. Okay." He looks back down and pushes his cock slowly inside. His width opens her pussy lips even further. He asks, "Okay honey?" She answers, "Y-Yesss." Bubba pushes all the way in as his crotch hair touches her bare pussy. He closes his eyes, "Fuck honey. You-Are-Snug... You ready? Are you ready?" She whimpers, "Yes." Her left hand reaches up and grips his left arm. Her right hand touches his hairy chest. He looks down at his shaft and begins thrusting short and fast. She responds, "Uunnhh-Unh-Uuunnh-Uh-My-F-Fucking-Gawdd.!!" Thrust-Thrust-Thrust-Thrust-Thrust. He grunts, "Oooh-Honey... Yeah-Honey... Ooooh-Yeah... So-Fucking-Snug." Both of her hands push against his solid, hairy chest. She says, "My... G-Gawd.. My-Gawdd.. Uhh-Uhh-Uunnh.. Uh-Fuck-Uunnnhh-Unnh.!!" Thrust-Thrust-Thrust-Thrust. Bubba lifts his head up and closes his eyes while still thrusting. He grunts, "H-Honey! You-Making-Me-Cum-Fast...! F-Fast.!!" After a few more thrusts. He explodes, "Uhh-Ahhhhhhhh... Ahhhhhhhh... Oh-My-Gahhhhhh.!!" He holds his cock inside as his body twitches from the intense orgasm. His eyes are still closed, "Oooh-Honey-Honey... Ooooh... That was Incredible." 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