How to Install MS Office on Two Computers with One License

MS Office is a popular software that provides various advanced and necessary tools to the users. If you have a small business or you have multiple devices then you want to install Office on your every device. There are various Office plans which allow you multiple installations. But this feature is only available on the new plan of MS Office. If you want to install a prior version of Office then you have to purchase a license for every Office setup.

You can transfer the license from one device to another by uninstalling the plan on the prior device. But you will require a product key for activating your Office setup. Uninstall the Office setup on the previous device. Now you can download the Office 10 setup from the internet. If you have the Office setup CD then you can also use it for setup installation. After downloading the setup, run the installer. You will get an activation wizard on your screen. Enter the product key and press the Activate button. Now the end-user license agreement page will appear. Read the license and click on the Agree and Install button. Now you have to follow the on-screen commands for installing the setup on the device. After completing the installation process, restart your device and now you can easily use Office tools on your device.

Installing MS Office on multiple devices

If you want to install your Office setup on multiple devices then you have to use the volume license plan. This plan allows you to install Office on various devices with a multi-use key. Follow the given steps for installing Office on multiple devices:

  • Download an Office setup on your device from the internet
  • You have to download the setup on every device
  • Now run the downloaded file
  • An activating window will appear on your screen
  • Enter the volume license product key
  • Use the same key for activating Office on every device
  • Press the Activate button
  • If you have entered the correct key then the next screen will appear

Now follow the on-screen commands for completing the installation process. Once complete, restart your device and check whether Office gets installed on your device or not. If you get any error on activating your Office setup then you verify your Office license key. But the question is how to verify the license of Microsoft Office? The best and most appropriate method is to contact the MS Office support team. MS Office provides round the clock services so you can easily resolve your queries anytime.
Many people reported that they are facing license verification error while installing the Office. This error mostly appears when you are trying to install Office in compatibility mode for a different OS. If you are facing this error while installation then follows the given steps for troubleshooting your error:

  • Close all the Office application which can trigger the error
  • Close all the running programs on your PC
  • Go to Office application
  • If you have MSI-Based installation type:
    <disk drive>\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office1x
    <disk drive>\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Office\Office1x
  • If you have click-to-run installation type:
    <disk drive>\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office 1x
    <disk drive>\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office 1x
  • Now right-click on the Office application which is causing the error
  • Hit the Properties button
  • If you see the compatibility tab then go to the tab
  • Select the Change settings for all users button
  • Go to the Compatibility for all users tab
  • Clear Run this program in compatibility mode option
  • Hit the OK button

If there is no compatible mode then click on Cancel the Application and right-click on Troubleshoot Program. Now clear all the options and hit the Next button. Click the Next button and then hit the Close button. If you are unable to fix the error manually then ask the Office team for help.