Smart Card Technology: What They Do and How They Work

What is smart ticketing?
What’s not smart about the ticketing system that still serves as the default option for ticket retailing on Britain’s railway – the magnetic stripe ticket? Using all of 64 elements it provides a seamless, fully interoperable customer experience across all the train operators in England, Scotland and Wales, and into and across London. It also offers a degree of multimodality through the Plus Bus add-on. You can travel from the Kyle of Lochalsh in Scotland to a small village in the middle of Kent using a single credit card-sized ticket, passing through several operators’ gate-lines with your ticket universally recognised and accepted by Revenue Protection Inspectors on rail and bus across the length and breadth of Great Britain.

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At the local level, UK city regions have long offered period pass multi-modal and zonal tickets to make travelling on public transport easier, available on board the bus, at booking offices or travel centres, fulfilled on paper, magnetic stripe or, more recently, smartcards.

Your benefits:

Future-proof through expandability and flexibility:
-with a smart card system you create the basis for the implementation of further eTicketing concepts like account-based ticketing.
-bulky tariff structures can be realised very user-friendly and are always easily adaptable to changed conditions.

Efficient management:
-the smart card management software is seamlessly incorporated into the back-office system and provides quick and smooth smart card handling/
-smard card systems generate valuable operational data, that can be used for business optimisation.

Efficient operation:
-smart card systems reduce the requirement for cash inside the systems and thus the effort for cashier services and the attractivity for potential thievery are reduced as well.
-the contactless technology is more durable, less fault-prone and maintenance-intensive than the mechanical components in conventional ticketing systems.
-ticketing processes are significantly faster reducing waiting times and benefitting smooth operation.

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