Regulation Z: Loan Designer Compensation

If you're any such thing like everyone that I know this economy has attack you hard, Personally, i know of brokers which have lost properties, vehicles, everything while trying to keep the office start, and keep their people working. You have been represented since the bad guy, the one which is Loan Originator for this economic problem, some of the customers that you worked the hardest to simply help say that you are the reason why they're dropping their homes.

Points are bad and they don't appear to be getting much better any time soon, even if you have the customers to refinance and to greatly help get a house the banks are shooting them down quicker than it takes you to set the report work and all the conditions. The appraisals aren't reliable as the house values are going down by the day. You're used to create a bundle and now your money stream is drying up when it did not already. What have you been to do?